Marichy goo goo asana!

Finally managed to get to YP and practice with Cary again this morning. It wasn’t a Moon day and we had trains that actually turned up, talk about everything in the heavens having to line up. I couldn’t take up my usual spot in the corner, it was already taken by a big blanket and 6 month old Oscar and his toy pig.

Not such a good practice as yesterday, I think I was still tired and all the commuting takes its toll. Only adjustment in standing was Prasarita Padot C, my shoulders can still feel it. Cary plops Oscar down on the end off who evers mat it is she is adjusting and he happily watches or gurgles encouragement, though it was funny when Cary came to adjust me in Marichyasana A, she was pushing me towards my leg, while Oscar liked the idea of grabbing my big toe, all go aaaahhhhhhh….I had a quick chat with Oscar as I swapped sides. Managed all the other Mari’s on my own today.

Supta K was a good one today, I was sweaty and left to my own devices, bound both ends quite easily and managed to lift, there is even the glimmer of a Titibhasana trying to get out.

4 x Urdva Dhanurasana, then played around with dropbacks, though alas no assistance today, but I could feel my back was nowhere near as bendy as yesterday, it was a feeling more like cranking it open compared to yesterday when it spread on its own. It still ended up being a long practice somehow, not that it matters how long it takes.

After practice Croissants at Cafe Nero with AC, then home to the washing and reading the paper.


2 Responses to “Marichy goo goo asana!”

  1. ahu maya Says:

    wow Oscar is in the shala! That must make the atmosphere in the room very cheery!

  2. globie Says:

    Oscar brings a whole new dimension! especially when he decides to grab a toe, I thought he was going to join in with the chant!

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