Lost my go

The momentum seems to have gone out of my practice again, Saturday’s was good, Sunday was ok, then last night I got home with the intention to practice. I got on my mat and halfway through standing felt shattered, really tired and drained. I managed to complete the standing sequence and tried to do closing, but my back has lost its openness, leaning back into a leanback (no way could it be classed as a dropback attempt), I was barely bending at all.

It had taken me 35 minutes to slog my way to this point. Some days you know its not going to happen, its only Monday why has the life and energy deserted my body, especially on the eve of the full moon?

Its Moon day today, I am mentally debating about doing practice tonight.


6 Responses to “Lost my go”

  1. philntheo Says:

    OK I don’t believe in this stuff personally but I seem to remember reading somewhere that it was actually the day before the moon day that you should have off from practice because your energy is at a low ebb….. or have I got it the wrong way round and it’s the day after rather than the day before. Ahhh here’s Sweeney ‘the twenty-four hours preceding the the exact time that the moon is at it’s peak is the day not to practice.’ So according to Sweeney your body was telling you to lay off. Supposedly it’s something to do with us being tidal, a leap in logic perhaps from the fact we’re 60% water (Men 60% Woman 55%) …. does that mean Woman are less tidal than us? and less affected by moon days?

  2. globie Says:

    I have read that theory about it being related to the tides, maybe its worse for me as I can’t swim, or that my 60% water is actually tea.

    So hopefully if I practice tonight it will be better. We will see.

  3. AC Says:

    All this hocus-pocus about moon days – just practice and enjoy.

  4. M_in_M Says:

    I too felt low in energy during practice on Monday. Coincidence or could there really be something in these moonday matters?

  5. philntheo Says:

    hey don’t knock the hocus-pocus AC, caught a bug and was able to use a belated moon day this morning as an excuse to stay in bed longer, guilt free. Supposedly someone at my wife’s work has Swine flu, is it me or does everyone seem to know somebody who’s knows somebody who’s got it.

  6. AC Says:

    I’m a great believer in listening to one’s body, if you’re tired then one should rest whether it’s hocus-pocus moon day or not. Of course I rarely suffer from guilt, 🙂

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