Seeing more of my mat

Yesterday was half primary plus backbends, tonight was a whole primary practice plus loads of backbend and dropback practice. Despite the summer heat seeming to have gone away, both were ok practices.

2008 was the year of Supta K, I cracked the bind and leg cross in November and have been able to do it ever since.

 2009 was designated the year of the backdrop, after Cat insisted I start to try this crazy asana on January 1st 2009. I have my doubts that I will do it on my own by 31st December, but it certainly wont be for the want of effort and application on my part. Only getting assistance once a week probably doesn’t help my cause, I see the more rapid progress people make who have a daily Shala practice and the assistance that brings. My backbend is getting deeper, even when I am experimenting at home more of my mat is coming into view as I tentatively lean back, I no longer just catch a glimpse of the top edge, I now regularly see around a foot of mat. I am making painfully slow progress, Supta K was a piece of piss compared to dropbacks.  The question is how much mat needs to come into view before I let gravity loose and hope and pray my hands and arms hit the floor before my head?

I think success is more likely to happen at the Shala than at home, when I find that the teacher was just a mental safety net and I have done it on my own, I noticed last Saturday that I was getting further back before Michaela intervened and took me to the floor.

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