A kind of a rest day

Although I have not practised today, I seem to have been busy. Shopping, then the not always comfortable and a bit painful hour on Cristina’s massage table as she dug her sharp thumbs into the back of my left shoulder blade, remarking how tight the left one has now become. When I first saw her 3 years ago it was the right one that she used to spend ages undoing. I do like her use of hot stones though.  As usual she asked about my IBS, she was the one who found the answer for me, then the usual lecture after about drinking enough water, I still don’t!

After I got home and had a rest, I decided to cut my front hedge while I could still reach the top. Its been that kind of a day, R&R interspersed with activity, though I now feel a need to stretch a little, so that practice in the morning is not too much of a shock to the system.


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