Sunday practice

Back to AYL this morning to play with grown ups again, after last weeks funtime with Oscar. I saw V has a new green mat, has the holy pink one gone to a good home!

A bit of a non practice in a way, I was a bit stiff after yesterdays massage and the usual teachers were not there, who know when I need assistance. Apart from a Downdog squish from a giant, I was left to my own devices through standing.

At least it was a tad cooler in there this week when I went to floor level for seated, but despite yesterdays treatment my left shoulder still annoyed me in the vinyasas.  Seated poses were actually ok now I look back, adjusted in Triang Mukha, managed to bind all the Marichyasanas on my own, OK I admit Mari D took a couple of attempts, but finally my fingers found each other. And I almost managed to beat the teacher in Supta K, which felt really easy today, Titibhasana is still trying to come out as I lift and uncross my feet. Though when I jumped back into the vinyasa I landed on the girl behinds feet, as they were overhanging my mat, I never look behind when I jump back, who does!

Urdva Dhanurasana x 4, first one is always crap, but after that they get stronger, especially if I can walk my hands in a little. I played around for ages at the front of my mat trying to see how far I could drop back on my own, alas for the second Sunday running no assistance arrived. Hopefully next week in Hamburg I will get help every day 🙂

I had practised quite quickly when I looked at the clock in the finishing room, though I reckon that clock is running 5-10 minutes fast??? As the teachers were both busy and I needed to catch the train I left my payment under the pot, I hope they didn’t think I had legged it without paying, V can you tell them that tenner was mine.

Good job I didnt hang around as the next 2 trains were cancelled and I would have been stuck, luckily home to a Pain au Raisin and Cinnamon Granola brunch, with a vat of tea and the Sunday papers.

Next Sunday it will be day 1 of the mysore workshop week in Hamburg, followed by who knows what for breakfast and the Nord Deutsche Zeitung! First I have to survive what is known as “sackcloth and ashes week”, as we get appraised, told how bad things are, ye right, the only place that can make cash faster is the Bank of England, and if we are lucky a miniscule pay increment. Roll on Friday


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