I seem to be time poor this week, what with getting ready to go away at the weekend and have all that still needs doing, arranging to get done.

I am also trying to protect my niggling shoulder, not wishing to be in pain during next weeks mysore week. But I am also still trying to get a practice that is beneficial both mentally and physically, so tonight I squeezed in standing, then 2nd up to an against the wall abysmal attempt at Kapotasana. Finished with some not bad Urdva Dhanurasana and dropback practice.

I was surfing the http://www. last night looking for articles on how to teach yourself dropbacks, as I havn’t had any assistance the last 2 Sundays. One piece I found suggested that when doing Urdva Dhanurasana most students go up and come down too quickly, where as they should stay up for 30 breaths, so tonight I tried to stay up much longer then my 5 and outta there, thank god thats over type UD. The secret for me is being able to walk the hands in a little before settling into the posture, the more vertical the arms and hands are nearer to the feet, the less stress is in my shoulders and it becomes less about the bend in my lower back and more about the upper chest and back opening. The dropbacks, even at home are becoming deeper, leading to an inkling of belief that despite lacking that backbend chromosome that some people seem to have, that maybe at some point in the still distant future I may get to the floor on my own. I think it will take 2 lifetimes, the first to get to the floor and the second to stand up again!

I saw the following in the paper today, it made me laugh!


Clothes, Aquired, Rashly, Requiring, Owner, To, Slim!!


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