Losing my touch

Today I have knocked things over, dropped stuff, spilled granola in my Keyboard, I nearly slipped crossing the canal lock gate at lunchtime, if it was Friday 13th I could understand it. I suppose its most likley down to not paying attention to what I am doing, too busy wishing this week away, thinking of things I need to do, buy etc, just 2 more days to survive then I am on holiday for a week.

Back to a shoulder preservation practice this evening, standing, then a few easy forward bends, Paschimottanasana, Janu A and Mari A & C, before dipping into 2nd. I did find that Krounchasana is much easier if you sit on a block, I sit more evenly and can concentrate on stretching the leg out and do it for longer, without having to worry about toppling over. It was a bit of an experimental practice, using a block between my legs in Backbends in place of Dena’s imaginary Mango. On days like today where I have the energy to walk my hands in once up in Urdva Dhanurasana, the whole dynamic of the pose changes and I can stay up for longer. The dropback experiments were alas not as good tonight.

Probably my last practice until the workshop on Sunday, tomorrow night I better pack and Friday night I get to stay in a teeny, tiny EasyHotel room. Anyone who doesn’t do yoga or isnt a natural contortionist would struggle to do anything, though I cant wait to be able to sit on the loo, clean my teeth in the tiny basin and have a shower all at the same time!


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