Dena at Pantarhei day 1









What an easy Sunday morning for a change, no crack of dawn train to worry about, just a leisurely cup of tea and a 10 minute walk to the shala. Lovely to meet Inga at last, after months of e-mail about the workshop and BACSing the fee and Dana who runs the shala. Pantarhei is a lovely space, 2 mats wide, but long, so room for at least 20 mats. The usual start sitting in a circle introducing ourselves and where we are up to in the series etc to Dena. Lots of the students have already done the last 2 weeks with her at the other studio in Hamburg and in Berlin last week.

Todays practice was a slow one to Janusirsasana A. We spent a while breaking down the Surya’s examining the individual movements that make them up, trying to get stability, remembering the bandhas. Dena notices seemingly little things like that in Samasthitihi I need to have a gap between my heels. In Trikonasana’s and Parsvakonasanas how when we change sides, some of us have a tendency to end up with a shorter stance for the second side,  which makes the twists crunched up. She emphasized that in all asanas we should look to lengthen before stretching, twisting etc. She said its not about how good the pose looks, what the arms and legs are doing, its about the effect they are having on the back. Ones individual practice is ok where it is, it is better to be working towards a posture than to have an array of props that allow you to find ease in it, be happy where you are. How many times have I heard her say that over the last few years. Practice needs to evolve organically in a way that is right for the individual.

The seated poses with the emphasis on the vinyasa, being present in it, not rushing through it to get to the next pose, almost using the actual asana as a rest with the vinyasa being the physical activity. Dena put her mat next to mine today, years ago I would of felt intimidated having her so close, but now I am happy and confident in my practice, I don’t think about it, I listen to her instructions and she gives me the occassional prod or comment, she exudes an energy and calmness. Yes it was a good decision to come over here.

The backbends were like at TY, lifting that elusive Mango and five Urdva Dhanurasanas. When she takes you through a UD it seems so much easier than the usual fight to get off the ground, the front of the legs lifting the bum, though my hands still seem to end up in the wrong place, I wonder what she will say, if anything, tomorrow in the mysore practice when I walk the hands in.

The 3 hours just zipped by this morning, I am looking forward to self practice tomorrow, my speed, my breath, my practice.

This afternoon I had a picnic by the lake, watching the sailing boats. The weather is sunny one minute, but its raining as I am ttyping now.

The picture is Herr Hummer, a local character, there are said to be 100 of these dotted around, all coloured according to their sponsor.


5 Responses to “Dena at Pantarhei day 1”

  1. Pat Says:

    Sounds like a great workshop. I love going back to basics and being reminded of what is really important in one’s own practice. Enjoy the week!

  2. Ursula Says:

    Sounds great…..

  3. globie Says:

    Hi Pat, I never fail to learn from Dena, she is just such a great teacher.

    Ursula you should have come up here.

  4. AC Says:

    That’s a cool looking Herr Hummer, you should seek them out and photograph as many as possible.

    As ever, Dena always speaks sense with regards to yoga. Enjoy and learn.

  5. globie Says:

    Hi AC, Dena makes a lot of sense, I just hope some stays with me.

    I just looked up Herr Hummel in the guidebook. Real name Wilhelm Bentz, Bor in 1787 he was a mean and miserly water carrier who was teased by the local kids and nicknmed hummel hummel, meaning bumble bee.Because of his load he couldnt catch the kids and shouted “Mors, mors” which apparently in low german means “arses”. Only another 99 to find!

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