Pantarhei Day 2 – Loving it!









Mysore practice today, it felt like re-opening my body, letting it find its own limits, allowing the body to stay longer in a pose to find that freedom. We had begun with breathing exercises, including the 3 minute breath count, I am down to between 6 and 7 breaths in the 3 minutes, I need to bring this control to my practice. Dena said that the definition of a good yoga practice is to do asana while keeping the mind on the breath, then said that the definition of a good ashtanga yoga practice was keeping the mind on the breath and also engaging the bandhas while doing the asanas. She led us through the standing postures, then let us loose to continue with our own practice.

Pantarhei soon gets warm, seated were a little stiff to begin with, Paschimottanasana felt restricted until Dena squished me, gently adding pressure as I released. Good adjustment in Triang Mukha, levelling me up. I used the Janusirsasanas to undo my hamstrings, before getting a lovely adjustment in Marichyasana C from Dena. Mari D only happened on the first side, but the second wasn’t far off, I think it will happen tomorrow. My biggest problem is the tops of my toes, they are losing skin and becoming quite sore from the Vinyasas. I am being mindful of my shoulder too, but doing jump backs knowing I am being watched is making me take care with them.

Supta K rocked today, I already had my feet crossed and hands together when assistance arrived, Jack lifted me so that I could get my head much further under my feet before I lifted up into a not very good Titibhasana. Its on days like these that all that slog of practice at home becomes worthwhile, this is almost like the pay off. A hot sweaty practice where the conditions are right and good things happen, my practice has a smile rather than a grimace. I have absolutely no doubt that I am in the right place at the right time.

I did Dena’s backbend warm ups before Urdva Dhanurasana, this pose felt challenging today, I ended up doing 4, the last was easily the best, walking my hands in, straightening my arms and feeling stable. Dena is giving everyone (who wants to) dropbacks, you just have to wait at the front of the mat until she gets to you. Waiting suits me, I love playing around on my own now when I’m warm and open, cross arms, leaning back, trying to make the end of my mat come into view. While I was waiting Jack came along and said “Handstand“. This was one of those moments, memories of Bali last year and stress fracturing my foot as I fell out sideways on to the hard wooden floor, I havn’t done Handstand with a teacher since.  But Jack is a big guy, I trust him as I do Dena, I remembered to hop off both feet and suddenly I was up, Jack telling me to look forward and straighten my arms, batting my feet between his hands until for a couple of wonderful seconds his hands were no longer touching me and I was balanced and vertical all on my own, that was a lovely fleeting moment and came as somewhat of a surprise.

Dena then arrived as I was halfway into a dropback on my own, telling me to keep going. I am sure she can see how hard I have worked on this since last summer, she said I was doing it right, folding in, trying to land my hands near my feet. The 3rd and 4th ones she said that when I straighten my arms they were going the wrong way, kind of hard to explain, she got me to do another, straightening my arms towards my legs. I am definitley landing my hands further up my mat of late.

So a good practice, my mind was certainly absorbed within it and quite often my mind was on the breath and occassionally I remembered those Bandhas.

After practice I followed Inga’s suggestion of walking along Lange Reihe, where I found a nice Bakery doing croissants and Pain au Chocolate, I can see this being my regular after practice breakfast.

I decided to explore Hamburg harbour this afternoon, though the weather has not been helpful, while on a boat trip we had a thunderstorm. Its ranged from warm sunshine to big wet downpours. I had to take cover in a shopping arcade during one squal, I emerged from a different entry and came across another Herr Hummell!


5 Responses to “Pantarhei Day 2 – Loving it!”

  1. Pat Says:

    Glad to hear the handstand is working this time. Practice makes practice! I’ve been doing handstands too against the wall and like many things, it gets more stable over time. Sounds like you’re having a grea time. Are you there all week?

  2. globie Says:

    I was quite surprised to find a balance in handstand, however fleeting.

    Yes its Sunday to Friday, a whole week of practice, its wonderful.

  3. AC Says:

    I hope you encounter many more Herr Hummells in the next few days.

    I can see you’re enjoying this leisurely mysore practice no end, as it should be but learning along the way too.

  4. globie Says:

    Its a perfect environment for practice. I wonder if Herr Hummell did yoga.

  5. smilinggreenmom Says:

    Oh my! I have never seen anything like this before. Definitely have to tell you how much I love Topricin pain cream- looks like you might need something like this? Very interesting- wow. Thanks for showing us the great photo 🙂

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