Dena at Pantarhei – Day 3 A long practice

Pantarhei Shala

Pantarhei Shala









I didn’t come across a Herr Hummell today, so thought I would post a picture of the Shala here in Hamburg, it was lovely and warm this morning as it was actually sunny for a change. Just to prove how small this ashtanga world is, before practice Mariella, a dutch friend of Opening Slowly  came and said “hi”.

Practice began with Pranayama exercises and chanting, at least we are not getting cold sitting and the chanting and breathing do help to bring my monkey mind into a state of semi calm ready for the physical practice, though my mind never seems to shut up completely. On our own after the last Surya B today, this suits me as I do like to hang out for a few extra breaths in Padahastasana and the revolved Trikonasanas to stretch my hamstrings. Only adjustment in standing was in Trvikrmasana, which Dena has told us to add this week, she laughed when I grimaced as she took my right leg higher.

I was already into my own rythm by the time seated came around, I know I’m a very slow practitioner these days, some people I noticed were already into the Janu’s as I was doing Dandasana. Assisted in 2nd side of Mari D by Dena today, I had done side 1 as she watched me, but couldn’t seem to get round far enough in side 2, Dena arrived and with ease had me bound comfortably, why does my arm go that much further round my leg when someone helps? The daily race between me and Jack to see if I can get into Supta K before he spots me, I had my hands bound today and was in the process of crossing my feet when he arrived, its good to be lifted in this pose, so that I can get my head further under.

My percentage of good (in my eyes at least) Urdva Dhanurasanas is going up, they felt much stronger and stable today, despite these being extremely long practices, I had the energy to keep walking my hands in, which changes the whole structure of the pose. Alas the dropbacks were nowhere near as open as they felt yesterday, I had played around on my own, but when it came to doing them with Dena they felt intense and had lost the freedom. She only did 3 with me today, as I came up from the third she looked at me and said “Intense”, she wasn’t wrong. Handstand with Jack again, another 2 seconds of being up there on my own before the Udiyana Bandha heads west and my left arm wavers, but at least I know what it feels like to be up there now.

My mat was a lake for Savasana, but even so I just needed to stay there. When I looked at my watch we had been going 2 and a half hours. Its nice to be able to take this amount of time and not feel rushed. There is also the feeling that I can give everything to my practice, no need to save energy, I am here for my practice, anything else is a bonus. 

After my well deserved Pain au Chocolate and croissant breakfast I headed into the old town to go to the Customs Museum, which wasn’t as interesting as I had hoped. But on the way I passed the St Nikolai memorial, this former church was destroyed in WW2 and in the 1960’s was turned into a memorial. The tower has a Glockenspiel that plays at Noon and a lift to the top, with some great views over the city.

Town Hall & Alstar Lakes

Town Hall & Alstar Lakes









On the way back I stopped to read my book in the lovely park by the Cathedral, I had a little snooze, now I have a red head from the sun!


4 Responses to “Dena at Pantarhei – Day 3 A long practice”

  1. Pat Says:

    Beautiful pictures as always – lovely shala too. It is such a treat to have a long, leisurely practice. Enjoy the day!

  2. globie Says:

    Practice having its own place and time makes a lot of difference, not trying to fit it in, but fitting everything else around it.

  3. Wayne Says:

    K – really enjoying reading about your time there – cheers!

  4. globie Says:

    Hi Wayne, that’s great,I am having a ball

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