Dena at Pantarhei – Day 4 Hot


Japanese Pavillion - Planten un Blomen

Japanese Pavillion - Planten un Blomen









A slightly different beginning to today’s practice, Dena led us through standing, but using 3 long breaths, that in theory took the same actual time as a 5 breath would normally. It felt quite fast to me. Thankfully from seated it was back to a normal Mysore practice. After yesterdays practice in the sun, today it was very dark in the shala as the rained poured down outside. No sun didn’t mean no heat, the heat we generated could have been measured in the rivers that ran down me and counted, as the workshop posters unattached themselves from the walls.  I love the heat, but at least there is good air circulation, so you don’t get that heavy feeling.

Mari D just about happened on my own today, I was thinking of giving up, as potential assistance had walked past, I decided to have a 3rd attempt and just about managed to get my fingers to find each other. The rivers of sweat certainly help Supta Kurmasana, I was virtually there when I heard Dena tell me to stay where I was, deeply bound and then raised for Titibhasana.

4 x Urdva Dhanurasana, I can’t see where I manage to find more energy on each attempt, the first one I get up on my head then push up and come down quite quickly, then I manage to push up and stay there, then I manage to push up and walk my hands in, getting more bend. I didn’t get much dropback experimentation time today, Dena was waiting for me for 5 dropbacks. Its a different game with her, back home the teachers let me go further on my own, making me take more responsibility, but Dena has me take a faster inhale, then exhale back, but she is really encouraging my “Croquet hoop” by almost pulling me up and telling me to aim my hands inwards, my hands are subsequently landing much nearer my feet. I am hoping that if/when I ever do this thing on my own, that the final bit where gravity takes over, I wont actually have far to go to land, as opposed to the go back and hope not to crack the head first approach I have seen some people employ.

A faster practice today, though I think it had more to do with the led standing. I needed armbands for Savasana, my mat was a lake. After practice I dropped my sodden yoga togs into a Laundry, it was either that or the bin, as there was no way I could pack them in my bag in that state. My Yogitoes mat is something else, when I got back to the hotel I hung it out the window to dry, alas we had a biblical monsoon downpour while I have been out today and it is now still wetter than when I put it out, I may have to use a shala mat tomorrow.

Tea and cakes with some of the others today after practice, which was really nice, wherever I seem to lay my yoga mat on this planet, the locals are always friendly and good for suggestions of things to do for us visitors.

U-Boat Museum

U-Boat Museum









This afternoon I took in the U-Boat Museum, its not a German one though, but a decommissioned Tiger class Russian one built in 1976. I was much more interesting than yesterdays Customs Museum. It was fun crawling through the hatches that separate the Sub’s compartments, though its probably easier to do for us yoga folk than how shall I put this, American tourists with no Bandhas who called into Mcdonalds first! I also managed to do a Geocache by the Sub, so well worth the walk. Though coming back to town the heavens opened and there was nowhere to take cover, I eventually ended up in a Bakery with a cup of tea and a cake for an hour reading my book waiting for the rain deluge to calm down.

Around 5pm the sun came out, I had to venture out to find something to eat, but  first decided to go to the Park, Planted un Blomen and visit the lovely Japanese Garden and make the most of the sun. Its a wonderful park.

I can’t believe tomorrow will be our penultinate practice, I hope its a good one.


6 Responses to “Dena at Pantarhei – Day 4 Hot”

  1. AC Says:

    Cracking one’s head is a rite of passage for getting drop backs -it’ll only ever happen once and thereafter you’ll remember to extend the arms!!

  2. globie Says:

    Ah so you knew who I was talking about then!

  3. Pat Says:

    Sounds like another great day. And I heartily agree with the American tourist bit! I’ve visited a submarine once and they are cramped inside.

  4. globie Says:

    They have all been great days of practice. Glad you understood the American tourist in submarines comment.

  5. susananda Says:

    I cracked my head once in my early attempts to stand up. Yep, never again!

  6. globie Says:

    Am hoping to hone my skills on a sandy beach downunder, at least when it goes wrong I wont get a headache!

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