Dena at Pantarhei Day 5 – Yoga im Sauna!

Peaberries - after practice ashtangi hangout

Peaberries - after practice ashtangi hangout









Miraculously my Yogi Toes mat was almost dry this morning, well it was dry enough considering that 2 asanas into sitting it would be getting wet again anyway. Another morning where the Shala heat and humidity were of Sauna intensity, as soon as you wiped some sweat off it had reappeared. There cannot be any toxins left in my body, I have to say apart from a few aches I feel really well from this week, yoga is beyond exercise for me, it brings me back to life.

Practice was great again today, left to our own devices after the Surya’s, only a couple of adjustments in standing, Prasarita Padot D and Dena encouraging me to straighten the body and lower my shoulders in Virabadrasana B. As I did Marichyasana A, I caught Dena watching me, I did both sides and was about to start Mari B when she stopped me to say that the forward bend in Mari A is not doing much for me, instead to first concentrate on re-lifting the chest after I bind my hands and do the same again on the exit and to lift the standing foot to stretch it more. After a bit of a struggle I again managed Marichyasana D on both sides on my own, the hot conditions are certainly helping with this pose this week, back to reality next week will be another matter. The rivers of perspiration are making Supta K stress free this week, my mind kind of goes “whooopeee play time” when its time for this pose, I am virtually in it when help arrives, which is now about lifting and getting my head further under my feet. The struggle of this asana has gone, its now about refining it. The bum balances however were crap today, don’t know why, I was definitley trying (Dena was adjusting next door), but they were not going to happen.

I was getting tired by closing, I presumed tomorrow will be a led practice, so today I put every ounce into practice, jumping back properly on all the vinyasas, so by the time for Urdva Dhanurasana my arms were weakening, I did 4 today, but only 2 felt strong after managing to walk my hands in. Lots of dropback playtime today, as there were lots of folk waiting ahead of me, so it was cross arms, using the wall, half ways, going back as far as I could, also Handstand with Jack before Dena arrived. She had me do 3, but it felt like getting to the floor wasn’t the objective today, instead it was about trying to fold inwards trying to inch my hands on landing ever closer to my feet, it was quite intense again, as I came up from the third she said they were good.

I realised that I had Forgot Sirsasana, so ended up going back and re-doing the end of closing before Savasana in my self flooded lake.

After practice we again found ourselves at Peaberries Bakery, very nice it is too, its seems to be the local ashtangi after practice hang out. Tea and a Brownie and time with like minded people, I wish I could afford to get used to this life.

As it was only drizzling I went on a Steamshio trip around the Alster Lakes, they are very nice, being using by Rowers and sailors, the trip did a big loop in just under an hour, when we got back the biblical deluge had begun again. I was trying to find shelter when I came across a Cafe  serving big bowls of potato soup with croutons and Wustchen, perfect, see below!

Delicious Potato soup

Delicious Potato soup









After the soup break the weather got worse, nothing left for it but to head to St Pauli and the Hamburg History Museum, Hamburg through the ages, well at least it was in the dry, though not as much fun as clambering around a Submarine had been yesterday.

7pm its stopped raing at last, though I am struggling for anything dry to wear, well apart from the day befores yoga togs which I retrieved from the Laundry this morning. This week took far too long to come around, 7 long months of wishing the days and weeks away and in a flash the week has almost passed. The practice has been some of the best and most consistent for a very long time, I have enjoyed it and at no time felt like I was just dragging myself through it. I am mentally nearer doing a dropback even if physically I am no nearer, I didn’t have high hopes for this week, I just wanted time for myself, which to me means doing my practice without time restrictions or outside distractions.

Herr Hummell

Herr Hummell









I found another Herr Hummell on the Banks of the Binnen Alster Lake.


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