Dena at Pantarhei Day 6 – Sanga

Buddha at Pantarhei

Buddha at Pantarhei









Dena started by saying that “Sanga” was to be the theme of todays practice, our last of the workshop. Sanga meaning community, a shared energy, a shared spirit, a shared joy of doing practice as a community of practitioners. That is the way it has felt, it has been a joy to practice here this week. Todays practice was a modified lead primary, performed silently, the object being to not be either the first or the last to move and with a full vinyasa between poses in seated and closing. Not quite as hot today, I enjoy this style of practice with Dene, it takes some getting used to, as she calls out the postures in a wisper,  but once into the rythm the standing poses begin to flow. I find seated a little broken up as she tends to omit the more difficult ones, such as Bhujapidasana, Supta K, Garbha Pindasana, then back with the programme at Baddha Konasana and Upavistha before going to closing. The backbends felt as if they came too early today, I didn’t feel mentally or physically ready for them and only did a couple of very lame Urdva Dhanurasanas. We finished as we always do on the last day, with some chanting, before making a circle to talk about what we had got from the week and to thank Dena and Jack for travelling such a long way to bring us teaching that is challenging, enlightening, but loving. 

My thanks also to Inga who said “yes”  when I asked if I could come over and who helped in my planning.











After practice we retired to the Bakery for a leisurely breakfast and to say our goodbyes, many of the practitioners were locals, but some came from Berlin, Hannover, Amsterdam as well as the UK, we were all made most welcome by Inga and Dana who runs Pantarhei. Dena and Jack then arrived with cakes, I think we deserved them!

Another biblical deluge, then the sun came out, so on the spur of the moment I dumped my bags and got on a train to Lübeck, 50 minutes on the train to this old city, full of some beatiful buildings like the magnificent Holstentor with the PetriKirche in the background.

HolstenTor Lübeck

HolstenTor Lübeck




So the week has flown by, its back to reality tomorrow as I fly back to piggy flu infested England. Yet again this week has shown me what an important and integral part of my life practice has become and with teachers like Dena to nurture my practice, long may it continue because the alternative does not bear contemplation.

3 Responses to “Dena at Pantarhei Day 6 – Sanga”

  1. Kai Says:

    Sounds like you had a wonderful week! Thanks for writing such long, detailed posts. I’ve really enjoyed following along.

  2. globie Says:

    Thanks Kai, glad you enjoyed following along.

  3. susananda Says:

    That photo is SO beautiful! I really want to go there!

    I’m going to read about the week now, in reverse order.

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