Back to this reality

Last week was just so good, I was waking up at 6.30am raring to go, full of energy, walking to the shala in Hamburg, enjoying my practice, enjoying the teaching, the company, the breakfast after, just happy with where I was physically and mentally.

Now its back to a job I dislike more each day. You always hope when you have time off that something will have changed, be better, but no its same shit different week. I wake up only wishing to go back to sleep. Today I woke up to a power cut, grrrr and didnt get breakfast as I was busy calling the power company’s emergency number, you know “press1, press 2, all our staff are busy, we value your custom“. Ye right!

I got back on my mat last night, a very slow unbendy half primary. I tried to remember the things Dena told me, like lifting my chest in Marichyasana A. There just wasn’t the focus or energy. Usually when I come back from a week away doing practice I have a renewed focus, but not this time for some reason.


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