Dipping my toe into 2nd

I wanted to do a shorter practice yesterday and try and give my wrist a break, as it is still playing up. So the plan was to do standing then do the 2nd series postures Melanie taught me in Goa at Christmas. I figured that less vinyasas etc would save my wrist not to mention my shoulder.  I think that the wrist niggle has happened because I am subconsciously putting more weight into the right side in Chaturanga etc to save my left shoulder, doing 6 long practices at the workshop last week has just built up the tension in my wrist until it said “enough”.

Practice may have been shorter in the posture count, but I still managed to spend 80 minutes on my mat. I can touch my fingers in Pasasana and by sitting on a block Krounchasana is a good hamstring stretch. I do the 2nd series poses for the backbends though, Salabhasana and Dhanurasana, though last night in Dhanurasana I felt what I can only describe as being like an electric shock in my upper right arm. Ustrasana is more upright these days, my body is getting the idea of the chest lifting and it not just being about the lower back and neck. Kapotasana against the door, before rejoining practice for Urdva Dhanurasana, where my wrist again made its feelings known. But all these backbends are good for my dropback experiments, I feel like I am getting further with control, before losing my nerve and coming back up.


3 Responses to “Dipping my toe into 2nd”

  1. Weight For Wrist Says:

    […] Dipping my toe into 2nd « The Journey of my practice […]

  2. Maria Says:

    can you please explain kapotasana against the door? I’ve recently started to do this pose, and i practse mainly at home without a teacher, so any and all help is appreciated!!

  3. globie Says:

    Hi Maria,

    I practice mainly at home too. I have only done 2nd series at a workshop and in India, I don’t do it at the shala, as they don’t like you doing asanas you have not been given. I do it at home though because it helps my primary series backbends and is helping me work toward that elusive dropback.

    Melanie showed me how to work towards Kapotasana by bending back and holding and relaxing into the bend using my hands pushing on the wall or door. I seem to be able to spend longer in the pose. I usually start by kneeling so that my feet are about a foot to 18 inches from the door.You have to experiment to find the best length for yourself.

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