2nd on Saturday

Yes I know its supposed to be the official day off, but if I just sat around all day playing on the internet, as the rain poured down , then my back ends up rigid, my hamstrings get DVT and Sunday’s shala practice is crap, because I have to undo everything from rigidity.

I decided to do standing and then do the the second series poses I know up to Laghu Vajrasana. Basically doing this kind of practice saves my wrist and shoulder from all the vinyasas, my knees from the lotus poses, but I still get a nice deep twist in Pasasana and I get to literally hang out in backbends. So with luck the 75minutes have left me loose and ready for the heat of AYL in the morning without straining or leaving me short of energy.

This weather has made me pick up a book, something I never seem to have time for, what with doing yoga and running the travel club in my hours away from the Labour camp. I am reading a book called “The Yoga Teacher” not that I have any wish to be one, but because its about someone who leads an unsatisfactory life going through the motions and who finally has the courage to follow their dream and find fullfilment in their life.

While on the subject of books I have been invited to the London launch of Lucy Edge’s new book “The Handbag and Wellies Yoga Club“, Lucy wrote “Yoga School Dropout” a few years ago. Could be fun, a yoga book launch.


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