Full to bursting

The train was late so I didn’t get to the Shala until 07:50, it was packed out already, not a space to be seen, Anna had me start in the finishing room, at least I was next in line for a place in the main room, though nobody seemed to be coming out. By the time I had got to Parsvottanasana another 3 people had joined me in the small room before I heard the “One more” call from Anna.

There seemed to be a renewed intensity in everyone’s practice today, from overheard snippets I think many were doing some cramming before Sharath’s workshop in a few weeks time. I thought about applying for that, but wondered just what I would get from being in a room with 50 plus people doing a led practice, I probably got a lot more from my week in Germany to be honest.

Practice today was steady, nothing special, not much assistance either, though help did arrive in Supta K, which for some reason today I couldn’t quite get my anatomy to perform. Also for the first time in ages I got help with Urdva Paschimottanasana.

Urdva Dhanurasana was a bit of a struggle, though managed a couple of good ones before standing up and experimenting with dropbacks before Louise spotted me and came to help, just as I was halfway back on my own. She let me go quite a way, or so it seemed before she intervened. Now that I am more confident with trying this, she said that I need to “hang” more, to learn to get the control, but not pinch in the back, and only stretch my arms straight when I am going for the floor. It seems strange that in the ideal conditions of doing dropbacks in a shala, which is warm and with help I don’t seem to be able to get such a deep bend as I do at home. Can’t get my head round that one.

Ironically the finishing room was full, so I ended up doing closing in the main room, which was ok, then moved rooms for Savasana, I like that room when its sunny, as it was this morning.

And to finish off a lovely morning I joined V and a few others for tea at Euston, sitting in the sun chatting for an hour. Nice to chat to Louise outside of the yoga room, its been a year now having her teach me and I have never had a conversation with her in all that time. Great also to meet Denise again, have not run into her since those far away days when I was first trying yoga at Sangam. She is another of those teachers who at that time when I could have gone either way with yoga, gave me the enthusiasm to carry on with this practice.

4pm I knew today was going too well, one of my tooth crowns just came out 😦


3 Responses to “Full to bursting”

  1. Helen Says:

    Hi Kevin, almost booked a train ticket after reading this. I love practising in a mysore room. I restraining myself for now though. Think you will definitely have learnt more from your training with Dena. I love practising led class with lots of people though, there is an amazing focus in the room and the ujayi breath sounds amazing. Also I think Sharath’s the bomb, lol!

    Hope you manage to get your crown fixed!

  2. globie Says:

    Hi helen,

    I loved the counted practice we used to do on Friday nights, there was a wonderful energy and focus. I never thought I would say it, but I now prefer doing Mysore style practice, it gives me time to coerce my anatomy into poses like Mari D and Supta K that a led class never seemed to give me. Doing practice at YP and AYL this last 18 months has certainly taken my practice into uncharted waters.I would like at some time to practice with Sharath in Mysore, to experience and somehow connect with where this all comes from.

    I have to wait until 2.45pm tomorrow to get my crown glued back in, at least it doesnt hurt or anything.

  3. Helen Says:

    Yes I prefer mysore style too. I learn much more and as you say you can work with your body and breath, etc. In order to stick with the vinyasa and not go off on your own trip too much, led class can be useful and when there are lots of folk incredible.

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