Days off are not good for me

I more or less observed yesterday’s Moon day, if you discount a couple of stretches and a few handstands. But having a day off combined with a sedentary office job leaves me stiff and aching. There seems to be no happy medium. I need to be more active off the mat, but that’s easier said than done.

Home early as usual on a Friday, Primary up to Supta Kurmasana. It felt like starting over, having to refind the length in each muscle. My hamstrings seem to lose inches, my back gets cranky and feels like a series of notches, the one surprise was binding Mari D on the first side and finger touch on the second, most unusual after a day off. Backbends were a bit stressy, there was a lack of bend, walking my hands in didn’t seem to improve things much.

To be honest it just felt good to exercise, to stretch and of course to be away from “that” place, physically and mentally. Ronnie Biggs got released today, why can’t I be? I heard a few days ago that someone has given in their notice, to go back to college and follow their heart. I admire them for having the balls to do it, if only I could work out what it is I want, then maybe I would have the courage to follow them. I still live for my Sunday practice, I merely go through the motions during the week.


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