Proper Balance

A couple of hours on my mat today, though not all at once. Started this morning with standing and some forward bends, followed by my usual handstand attempts. But today they were suddenly not just attempts, I hopped off both feet and found I hadn’t touched the wall, Udiyana Bandha had put the brakes on and I was actually balanced with bent legs that were together. It wasn’t just a 2 second wonder either, as they had been in Germany, but more like 10 seconds. I tried again but could not straighten my legs, but to hop into a controlled balance without having to touch off the wall is quite a breakthrough, well that’s how it felt.

This afternoon it was those criminal second series backbends, though I wasn’t very flexible even with all the warm ups, Urdva Dhanurasana wasn’t great, though the dropback experiments were not bad, I hope at least they have set the neural patterns for the morning when with luck I will get proper dropback help from Lousie.

Between practices a nice surprise via the Postman , a book token sent in thanks for the talk I gave on Stockholm last month. I wasn’t expecting anything, I did it for fun, so a very nice surprise. Of course this means I will have to go visit a “Real” bookshop as opposed to the cyber stores I usually frequent. It’s been a very long time since buying a book, or lots of other stuff for that matter, that has not just been a case of typing a few details on a keyboard and waiting for the Postman to turn up. I think we still have a Waterstone’s in our town, though suddenly being faced with racks for of books could be quite daunting, where do I start?


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