My 1000th entry – A good practice

I couldn’t believe it yesterday when I saw I had just blogged for the 999th time, I find it even harder to believe that people actually read my rambling thoughts on yoga, life and work. So thanks a lot to the circa 50,000 people who have made writing this blog so much fun and those who have left helpful comments.

A lovely sunny morning for a change, the train was more or less on time and I was on my mat at the Shala by 7:50am. Not as busy this week, straight into a place in the big room, also nice to have Louise and Ruth teaching this week, they both seem to know my practice now and turn up at the right times. Sometimes its hard to tell who is actually adjusting you, but I could tell today as one had painted toe nails  😉

Some nice adjustments today in Parsvakonasana B and Prasarita Padot C, though my sweaty fingers were intent on coming apart. Also a nice UHP adjustment. Seated were good today, my muscles seemed to have length they didn’t have yesterday, the heat helps, all goes to make a practice that just feels better. I even managed to bind both sides of Marichyasana D on my own on the first attempt.  The usual Supta K race between me and the teachers, trouble is they are just too good at spotting people, though I was glad they did today, my hands were bound, but somehow my feet had got tangled up in my Yogitoes mat when I tried to cross them, Louise came to the rescue, she has no trouble binding me up and I can actually relax in this pose now.

It took me 5 Urdva Dhanurasana attempts to get 3 reasonable ones, I see no point nowadays in doing 3 and just moving on if they were lame just off the ground pushes, at the Shala I am in the perfect place both with the physical heat and with the mental focus, so I do as many as it takes to get UD’s I am satisfied with. Dropbacks today felt incredibly intense, but I am so glad Louise takes me into them. I got to play around on my own first, then was quite a way back on my own when she arrived and told me to keep going. On the subsequent ones she had me move my hands to my forhead while hanging for much longer before going to ground. Incremental changes, last week pushing up with the Pelvis, this week trying to control the hang back then as the weight transfered to push the Pelvis forward to conteract. If I ever do manage this on my own I am going to have control. A really lovely Paschimottanasana squish after, OMG that felt good. Transferred to the finishing rooms sunshine for the rest and a nice long Savasana. That after practice feeling of that is how practice should feel.

Great to meet blogger Helen after for tea at Pret. A few bloggers in the shala this morning I noticed. Its not just the feeling of community, but for me its a great help to be able to talk to people about practice, people who share this passion and whose eyes don’t glaze over when words like UHP and Triang Mukha come up in the coversation. Non yogis still have this idea that we sit around going “ooomm”, my Mother is still perplexed by the sweat soaked state I arrive home in, but I have given up trying to explain how it happens and just what it is about practice that draws us back. Helen has to practice “home alone” most of the time as I do and has to be satisifed with a weekly Shala fix where we both agreed that it is so much easier to have a good practice when you are in a warm room, with good teachers, surrounded by others doing practice, the focus and energy just cannot be quantified or explained to those who have never seen the inside of an Ashtanga Yoga Shala. It was interesting also to hear her thoughts on going to Mysore and what she got from it, as she was still discovering Primary series at the time. It makes me still want to go and experience it for myself.

A 1000th blog Haiku

Louise or Cary
adjust my posture and mind
practice on a Sunday


3 Responses to “My 1000th entry – A good practice”

  1. yogamum Says:

    1000 posts! An amazing milestone!! I hope you keep blogging for 1000 more!

  2. susananda Says:

    1000! Congratulations!!!

    I like the way you have taken the haiku thing on board 🙂

  3. globie Says:

    Thanks Yogamum, I dont have any plans to stop.

    Hi Susan, the haiku thing is fun isnt it.

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