If you burn the candle!

Getting up early to travel into London for yoga, doing a longish practice, then staying up past midnight watching a film meant I have been tired all day today. Sitting in an office chair is also a detriment to my practice. I really wanted to practice this evening, to stretch out, but halfway through seated I was gone, I was sinking in the Chaturangas, which was annoying my shoulder, all of a sudden the momentum had gone and I found myself sitting on my mat wondering what to do next. I did the Marichyasanas, modifying D as I wasn’t warm enough to do it in half lotus without majorly pissing my knee off. I then tried to do backbends, starting with some bridges to test the water and realised it wasn’t going to happen, even if I could find the energy to push up, my rigid back was not going to be happy, time for Savasana. Somehow when I looked at the clock I had still contrived to spend 90 minutes contorting myself. How can 2 days be so different?

I have never been a night Owl, though I am good at waking up in the morning when there is a good reason, yoga on a Sunday for instance. Waking to go to work however does not count as a good reason to open my eyes, especially after a very late night.

In a couple of weeks it will be my half way to 90 birthday, on days like this I feel like I am already there!


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