YP & St Trinians!

Did I feel like I needed my practice today, not least to absorb my mind in something better than leaks, wrecked walls and kitchen units.

I wanted some actual teaching today as opposed to just adjustment, good though that is, so I decided to head east and leave all those Sharath crammers at AYL to it. First time in a while I have managed to practice with Cary and it was brilliant, helped by only 4 people doing practice, where have they all gone? As expected a very intense practice with lots of help, advice and adjustment. It made me realise that I have become a little lazy in some of my postures, not today though, you have to be on it with Cary, no slacking allowed! My shoulders can still feel the Prasarita Padot C adjustment and how she makes Dandasana so hard I don’t know, at most shalas you can get away with just sitting there!

Triang Mukha is coming along, she helped me bind further down my foot, then helped me in Mari D, side one as usual I had managed. Side two she got me there, once I am in it, its fine, then proceeded to give me a wonderfully deep twist. Its these type of adjustments I have been missing. Supta K was all my own work, I really enjoyed being left alone, able to take my time and work myself in deeper, to the point that when I lifted, my feet stayed behind my head, woo hooo, doesnt take much to please me  🙂

She had me do 5 Supta Konasanas! I can come up and over but can’t quite get that “Stop” before going to ground, she said I was trying to use the floor as a brake rather than Udiyana.

I seemed to have more energy today and I was very surprised at my level of flexibility, considering I have barely practised the last few days. I added in DK’s mini back bend lifts before Urdva Dhanurasana (AC being employed to divert someones attention from this criminal activity!). After UD I stood up to find Cary waiting to help me with dropbacks, this is a much more intense experience with Cary, 3 times down and up, 3 times cross arm half way, then another drop, walking in, holding and coming up. When it came time to come up, she helps only to a point, you quickly realise that its the tipping point and you have to work to get over the lip and come back to standing. What I wouldn’t give to get this kind of help on a daily basis. So a much better than expected practice and just what I needed. After Cary asked me if I was doing Sharath’s workshop, I’m not for a number of reasons, but to be honest I think its more for those bendy people at the top of the class, than mere mortals like me, I was quite surprised Cary thought me capable fo doing it.

After practice tea and croissants with AC, when we got to Liverpool St Station we found the place packed with film crews making the new St Trinians movie, I have never seen so many “School girls” complete with Hockey sticks, Lacrosse doobries and demonic teachers going up and down the concourse with cameramen following them!

Got home to find the Plumbers bill, not as horrendous as expected, just hope the insurance company start to play ball.


6 Responses to “YP & St Trinians!”

  1. Linda Says:


    It´s nice to follow your blog and your ashtanga journey, I’ve been reading for a while now. Just wanted to say that Shararth’s workshop is not just for the bendy people at the top of the class, as you said. I joined and enjoyed very much a week with Sharath in Helsinki last week. I normally do only up to Bhujapidasana so for two days I joined the half primary group, then switched to full primary to get some new insight and to join the bigger group for a better energy level. It was a great experience and it was very nice to get to try out all the rest of the asanas of the primary series. Sharath is of the opinion that the primary series is for everyone and even though he’s very strict about the vinyasas he still let the ones of us who wanted join the full primary group. You do the asanas as well as you can or sit them over if there’s something you can’t/won’t do. If I could afford it I would definitely join for the second week too. But after a week of led practice it is quite nice to being back to doing mysore-style in my own pace so I’m not too sad about missing out on the second week 🙂 Good luck in your practice and with the backbends! I can’t wait to start working on them but for now I’m trying to conquer Kurmasana and Supta Kurmasana 🙂

  2. globie Says:

    Hi Linda,

    Thanks for reading, yoga is quite a journey, but one I wouldn’t be without.

    Thanks for the comment regarding the workshop. That’s a lot of my problem sometimes, I don’t think I am capable of doing myself justice, I thought AYL was beyond me until V kept leaving me comments encouraging me there and as for doing practice with Cary, that has been a journey of its own. It is encouraging to hear the way Sharath was with people with not such a bendy practice, maybe next time. There are 2 main reasons I cant go, I can’t get that week off work and its a problem getting into the city by 6.30am from out here in the sticks.

    Backbends are coming, very slowly. Supta Kurmasana however rocks, I love doing that now, a little over a year ago I hardly attempted it, just sticking my arms out and moving on, to think I can do it and lift up now is something I never even dreamed about, I thought that was another for the 20 somethings with young bendy body’s and had passed me by. I am sure you will Supta K, if not come over and do practice with Cary, if there is one teacher who can get you there its her.

  3. AC Says:

    I would like to expunge myself from aiding and abetting in any criminal activities, 😉

  4. globie Says:

    Ha ha, it worked though 😉

  5. Pat Says:

    I wholly agree with Linda in her advice that doing a workshop with Sharath is not reserved for bendy “top of the class” people. I did a workshop with Guruji the last time he came to Colorado in 2002. Those of us who were stiff did manage to get inspired, although you certainly are quite far long in that regards ;), but they did pay attention to the newer people. Yogamum went to see Guruji in New York with her husband who was new to the practice and her comment was that Guruji’s family (Sharath and Saraswathi) paid a lot of attnetion to him. Annie Pace once told me that she really likes working with the new enthusiastic students who are willing to work and learn versus the bendy-Wendy’s who have an easy time with the postures and therefore think they know it all (and are less open to instruction). I’ve seen that repeated often. So never sell yourself short. You have the discipline and the desire, that’s all you need. Other than the breath, the bandhas and dristhi.

  6. globie Says:

    Thanks for the encouragement Pat, maybe next time I’ll get to do Sharath’s workshop, it just feels like a big step signing up for one of those workshops.

    “Bendy Wendys” made me laugh, but I know exactly the type you are alluding to. I try not to have too much desire, which leads to expectation.The best practices are the ones like Sunday’s, having been forced to not practice for a couple of days,I had no expectations, but somehow I ended up having a really dood practice, though it has to be said Cary always seems to get the best out of my body.

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