I used to hate Parsvottanasana and like most people am still not that keen on UHP which follows it. However I have begun to find a use for Parsvot’, sitting in an office chair all day leaves the back of my legs really aching, more so since the filing cabinet landed on it a while back, its like having DVT at sea level. But stretching each leg individually using Parsvottanasana seems to be good for easing those muscles back out and getting the blood flowing again.

Moon day today, but as usual after a day of bored inertia I had to stretch, so I did a slow, flowing standing sequence, followed by gentle backbends and some handstands for the hell of it.

4 Responses to “Parsvottanasana”

  1. openingslowly Says:

    funny that you should have hated it as the most I can really say about this is that I feel indifferent about it, it’s the kind of pose I feel I never really get the point of… Kinda like Janusirasana b, I do it because it’s in the sequence but feel somehow I havn’t really accessed the point of it yet.

  2. globie Says:

    Its because it has a double element especially if you get adjusted in Parsvottanasana, not only the hamstring forward bend stretch, but the painful position the hands/arms are in behind the back. I just found it excruciatingly uncomfortable and was just glad when it was over.

    I don’t mind Janu B, especially now I can bind beyond the feet, but as for janu C, I think Dena was right when she told me once that its there to teach you to respect your body’s limitations.

  3. maya Says:

    ha! i also did a soft practice on this moon day…

  4. Anjeanette Says:

    Parsvottanasana is always a challenge for me. I found that Leeann Carey has a great free yoga video that shows what to look for in the pose so it doesn’t seem so straining. I thought your readers might want to check it out:

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