To TY via TLC

I eventually made in to TY for practice this morning, though I almost went to the Lifecentre. The rail bus got diverted off the Westway and into the Notting Hill area, so at 8:05am the bus was sitting on a red light by the Lifecentre, I thought great I can start at 8:15, so I asked the guy if I could jump off please. But I hadn’t reckoned on a pissed off jobs worth who said he could only open the door at Euston! So we got to Euston and I headed up to TY for the 9am Mysore practice with Sarah.

First time I have been in Studio 3, its tucked away, a nice sunny room which got quite full with their regulars and those of us from other Shala’s who were not doing Sharath’s workshop. I had quite a slow practice today for some reason, Sarah’s adjustments are quite light, but I liked the way she advised and adjusted without stopping you. Subtle re-alignment in the Trikonasanas and advice to take a wider stance in the Parsvakonasana’s. It took me 45 minutes to do standing, which was nice now I think about it. I think it left energy in the tank for seated and all those vinyasas. Sarah’s Paschimottanasana adjustment is quite light, easing you forward from the base of the spine , rather than squashing you flat with weight. Purvottanasana somehow she stood on my feet while lifting my lower back, then when she let go I was able to stay there. Another successfull day on the Marichyasana front, A-D both sides of each bound on my own without my knees taking umbrage. Then I won the beat the teacher contest by getting bound up in Supta K all on my own, and then staying in it for longer than usual because I found my spine wanted to stretch forward, though my feet pinged out from behind my head when I lifted. I took time to work on the bum balances today, 3 goes at each, though I am still nowehere near coming up and over in Urdva P. I just cant generate the momentum.

After seated my original criminal plan for today was to add in some of the 2nd series Mel taught me in India , figuring the teacher wont know, and I like doing those backbends, but I had taken so long to get through standing and seated, 90 minutes, that I had to return my good yogi halo into place and just do closing. Urdva Dhanurasana was ok by the 4th, I had the energy left to walk in. Then I played around dropping back on my own until help arrived. She said todays dropbacks were too long, ie more of a bridge than a croquet hoop, and as she has had a back injury she didn’t bring me back to standing between them. She did offer a different piece of advice for practice at home though, a thing called an Overball, an inflatable Pilates ball to lay under the upper back , less intense than a wooden block for trying to open the upper back, she reckons it allows the back to release and not resist. I bought one as I left and will try it out later, I’ll try anything that could help.

Time was up after closing, a really long practice after a really long journey to get to practice. But worthwhile, I need that time for myself as much as for my actual practice.


3 Responses to “To TY via TLC”

  1. AC Says:

    At least the Astangi Police can sleep in peace tonight, 🙂

  2. globie Says:

    Definitley too scared of “that look” to try it next Sunday!

  3. felouk Says:

    For urdva P try bending your knees a little bit en push off with your toes. Straighten imediatly after pushoff and let your belly muscles take over. I’m sure it’s not the official and correct way, but it helped me get a start on the pose. (never got tolded off for it either)

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