Mondays are not my best day

I don’t just mean having to go to work either. I have begun to notice over the last few months that practice at home on Mondays after a good shala practice on Sunday has become a let down. Its become a mental battle I seem to have lost. I want to practice but suddenly being devoid of the energy and inspiration of practising among others my mind soon wanders, I suddenly feel tired and the whole thing loses momentum.

This evening I took it slowly through standing, got as far as Triang Mukha in seated and realised I was tired, more than tired, I had had enough of Monday altogether and could quite easily have not got up from Savasana until the alarm would wake me in the morning. I then tried out my new “Overball” following Sarah’s advice and placing it under my upper back, I reserve judgement on its effectiveness.

I am coming to the conclusion that perhaps I should make Monday my yoga day off.

I am beginning to feel left out and regret not signing up for Sharath’s workshop here in London. Its quite inspiring to read the blogs of those who are taking part and I am thinking that maybe my practice would not be out of place in that environment. Its a lack of self confidence in my practice that stops me putting my name down, I realise that the transport problems could have been overcome, after all I went all the way to Hamburg to practice with Dena last month, its me and what I think others would see and think. This stems from a workshop I did years ago at YP with Louisa Sear, I have never forgotten how I felt,  so completely out of my depth and totally in the wrong place that day and the fear of being in that situation again.


6 Responses to “Mondays are not my best day”

  1. Ganesha Says:

    So do a drop in with Sharath one day during the week and take the time off work if required. There were many in San Francisco with Sharath far less advanced than you. Since it’s just a led class I think doing it once or twice would more than give you all the exposure you sense you are missing out on.

  2. arturo Says:

    hi Kevin, don’t be so surprised about how you feel on Mondays. it was my usual day off yoga the 4 years of living in California. it’s probably that the intensity of the Sunday practice mae me feel to sore and i needed rest. sometimes i do yin yoga on Mondays. that’s what I think i’ll go to now.

    you would probably not feel out of place if you go to Sharath’s workshop. it’s just going to be led primary, i bet.

  3. Floss Says:

    I am not signing up for the Sharath workshop in Australia. I don’t see why I should pay 300 dollars for a week of led primary, plus flights and accomodation in Sydney, when I normally pay less for a month of Mysore and individual attention. I don’t think you’ll be missing out on much by not going.

  4. AC Says:

    Listen to your body and just rest on Mondays.

    If you have a regular mysore practice with a teacher then personally I wouldn’t bother attending a workshop unless it’s a small size gp where ‘real’ learning and teaching goes on. Sure it is an experience to be in a class with a 100+ other students for the Primary session but I can live without the crowds.

    I’d just rather spend that money going to a shala with a teacher of my choice. However, each to their own when it comes to workshops, I’ve yet to be convinced.

  5. Maria Says:

    Ya. Dont beat yourself up about it. Everyone has off days.
    And like Arturo above, after an intense practise the next day can be difficult…
    Why not make a short practise on Monday (or whatever day you feel “off”), do some sun salutations, and then some yin work, use the fitball, spend some time sitting, breathing and take a supported savasana. That way you are “working” and “resting” at the same time.

    I have a rest day mid week, usually wednesday or thursday, as well as Saturday. I need it between working full time, practising, and teaching part-time.. by mid-week, I am exhausted. I need the rest. Practising when you’re tired leads to lack of concentration which can lead to injury. Who wants that?

    Also, I wouldn’t loose sleep about not going to practise with Sharath for the week. He’ll be back… I’ve no doubt it’d be cool.. and I’d love to have gone even for a day or to myself, but with lack of funds and lack of holidays, I couldn’t do it. There will be a next time… Instead, I’m saving my yoga dough for a trip to Yoga Thailand in January to have a two week intensive with my own teacher….

    And, Kevin. Mondays are always shit, yoga or no yoga. I know its not a scientific fact, but it should be…. 🙂 🙂

  6. globie Says:

    Hi Ganesha, the London w/shop is full, they are taking dropins if someone doesnt show up, but unlikely, so I dont think its worth taking a day off then finding I am not there early enough to claim a space. There will be a next time. After all I still have the Mysore plan.

    Hey Arturo, I think its the intensity of a shala practice, you always work harder in that environment and you feel it the next day, which is partly why I envy all those who have access to a daily shala practice. I just need to be more disciplined in taking rest when my body needs it.

    Maria, completely agree about Mondays, though next Monday is a holiday here. You are right about the way that the rest of life, work etc gradually takes away your energy that you wanted to use for practice. Very true about the possibility of injury when practising when tired and not concentrating. You and Floss both mentioned the cost, its not cheap and you can put the money to more practice where perhaps you would get more from it. 3 more weeks until I go to Byron and practice with Dena again 🙂

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