I should have practised in the Kitchen!

Back with the practice last night after a night of pressies, phone lessons and cake. I seem to have gone all goody goody traditional again on Fridays, doing another no faff, no extras Primary series. I still miss that brilliant Counted Primary practice we used to do on Friday nights with Easter, especially that accidental underfloor heating in the L-shaped room.

Todays practice was my usual Saturday mix,  some of Primary, then the 2nd series Mel had me do up to Laghu Vajrasana. The only problem was despite the sunshine and a fairly active day my hamstrings would not lengthen and it all felt a bit of a struggle, weird after yesterdays being a quite good practice that had focus.

I should really have got up early and practised in my Kitchen, which is an oven thanks to the Dehumidifier, the heat that thing throws out is incredible, probably makes a Bikram studio feel like the Arctic. The floor seal is still tacky too, so hot room with built in sticky mat, though I wouldn’t want to keep putting my hands on that and I think if I layed too long in UD ADD, I would be stuck there forever!

Its ironic that its a Bank holiday, when in theory I can rest and have a lay in, that I am looking forward to crack of dawn trains into London the next 2 mornings and doing what I hope will be good long practices with good teachers. As another year has passed my need for my practice has only increased, its become an integral part of my being. I love the physical practice, in my mid 30’s grabbing my toe in Trikonasana, at 44 cracking Supta Kurmasana, now 45 will I manage to drop back? But as the years advance I appreciate more and more what the practice gives me in terms of calmness and mental clarity, the better mental place it takes me to.

Those trains had better be on time!


2 Responses to “I should have practised in the Kitchen!”

  1. Ganesha Says:

    I think AYL is closed for the bank holiday. At least he was closed during bank holidays in years past when I was in town. Just in case that was where you were planning to go.

  2. globie Says:

    Hi Ganesha, AYL is open, tho I was in London in time to get to YP.

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