Weird hand cramp syndrome

A nice practice this evening, standing postures, forward bends, before a joyful dip into intermediate to play around with backbends. The hand cramp was weird, as I put my left hand flat for Trikonasana B, I had this strange involuntery spasm, not painful, just uncomfortable as my fingers crossed over.

Doing the 2nd series backbends is well worth the effort, doing Ustrasana I again managed to feel that extra place engage in the lower abdomen and even more so when I was playing with Laghu Vajrasana, I was coming up not just using the legs but having a modicum of control in the abdomen as well. Urdva Dhanurasana was much better, I was able to walk in a few more millimetres than usual and tried to push up as Cary had me doing on Monday. Backdrop experiments were quite deep, I should have videod to see how far I got, but all my batteries are on charge ready for my holiday.

I was hoping to practice at AYL on Sunday, but alas the train company are lumbering us with an even crappier timetable of replacement buses this week. It would be great if AYL and YP had a Saturday Mysore practice, my life would be so much simpler. It looks like Sunday will have to be abandoned in favour of going to TLC on Saturday morning, which is ok, but £15 drop in is a bit expensive. The other option is heading south to The Shala in Balham, though it no longer has its own space in the Mews, where I used to spend my Friday evenings with Easter, they relocated to the Library.

6 more days at the labour camp to survive.


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