A nice surprise tonight

Its about time something good happened what with all the leaking pipe disasters, the crap of work and becoming another year older if not wiser, richer or bendier.

I just flicked my e-mail on and found I have won 2 yoga books, The Handbag and Wellies Yoga Club and Yoga School Dropout by Lucy Edge. The ironic thing is that I was invited to the London launch of the first book 2 weeks ago and planned to buy a signed copy, but thanks to the kitchen flood I couldn’t go. I left it in my Amazon wish list hoping someone would buy it for my Birthday, since that didn’t happen I have kept meaning to get round to ordering it, but havn’t, now I don’t have to. At least I will have plenty of reading material for the 23 hour flight downunder next week.

I was going to have a day off practice, but ended up doing 40 minutes of handstands and backbends, nobody can say I havn’t put in the time and effort with backbends this year, its just that there has been no end product. Moon Day tomorrow, though no doubt after 8 hours of that place the urge to stretch will lead to a spell on my mat when I get home.

I could do with a few more nice surprises like that!


6 Responses to “A nice surprise tonight”

  1. Helen Says:

    Nice one, I’m reading the yoga teacher, now. Enjoying it so far….

    I’m sure you must be making lots of progress with your backbends.

  2. Globie Says:

    I enjoyed The Yoga Teacher, I think there is scope for a follow up.

    The twists are my postures, my body seems to have been built for them. Backbends just never get any easier.

  3. Maria Says:

    hey!! Enjoy your trip Down Under. I’m a little bit jealous… only a little bit because I just found out that work has provisionally approvedd a 6 week holiday for me next year… Yoga Thailand and…. AUSTRALIA!! whoo Hoo!! I’ve been before, some 10 years ago, so this time I’ll focus on WA… but I am soooo excited!! Have a blast and enjoy your practises in some lovely tropical heat…. ahhhhhh so good to practise in real warmth, not some dodgy radon gas infused head produced by electic storage heating gas fired oil smelling creaky radiator….. 🙂 🙂

  4. Globie Says:

    Wow Maria, 6 weeks off, that is fantastic, I had to fight for just over 2 weeks. It will be great to practice in natural heat as you say, rather than artificial sweat boxes.

  5. Clare Says:

    Yoga school drop out is quite fun. I just finished The Handbag and Wellies Yoga Club today, it was a bit girly even for me, but you may enjoy it!

  6. Globie Says:

    Hi Clare, I have read Yoga school dropout before, but lent my copy to someone and never got it back, so will be good to read it again. Will give the Wellies one a go.

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