Just as well I went today

It turns out I made a good decision to go to practice today, as I just read the paper and found out that the scum RMT have managed to close our line into London completely tomorrow. London Midland really should employ people who want to work and not this bunch of work shy union tossers.

At least I got my precious practice at TLC with Michaela, just 4 people there this morning, so lots of attention and help. For the most part she leaves me alone, but always seems to arrive at the right times and to help with “those” poses like Prasarita Padot C and UHP, I was struggling with second side of Mari D when she came along and bound me without too much effort. Adjusted in all 3 of my Urdva Dhanurasanas today, which meant I could try and push up and make a better arch, though at least I don’t think I sounded like I was giving birth this week!

She let me play around with my backdrop experiments before helping me do 7 to the floor. First 3 were down and up, then she had me go back as far as I could with hands in prayer before telling me to take my hands over head, rescuing me at the last moment. She said doing it slowly is allowing too much thinking time, there needs to be more flow to it, ie inhale up and exhale back, though it could be a while before I get that to happen. As I did each one, the longer she seemed to leave it before assisting, which was quite nerve racking, but she was always in time. She says I still need to make a better arch going up on the inhale, but that I am getting closer to being able to think about doing it on my own.

It ended up being quite a long almost 2 hour practice, but that’s 3 shala practices in a week, I can feel the difference, alas thanks to the scum RMT I cant get to AYL or anywhere else for that matter tomorrow and make it 4.

After practice Michaela told us the exciting news that she is going to have her book The city of Jewels published, its a work of fiction based on an idea about the Djinns in Delhi, its a book that will hopefully appeal to adults as well as kids, from the synopsis she gave us it sounds great and I for one look forward to reading it and the second and third ones she has in the pipeline, though its being published in India first next year, if there’s a publisher in the UK who wants an exciting new author on their books as it were, Michaela would love to hear from you.

After practice I headed to Spitalfields, which was eerily quiet today, where is everyone? I went to get my “London in Landscape” book signed by Karen. Her art is wonderful.


3 Responses to “Just as well I went today”

  1. susananda Says:

    Spitalfields is more of a Sunday thing, no? That sucks about your train. Grrr!

  2. globie Says:

    Is it? I always thought Spitalfields was quite vibrant most days, Karen said Friday was almost dead, despite all the office workers in the vicinity.

    Yes am most annoyed about the trains, reminds me of ’79 strikes and chaos before Labour were chucked out.

  3. susananda Says:

    Yeah, well it is vibrant every day…. the market day is Sunday though, usually jam-packed. You should check it out after Sunday practice one day… (I of course have to go teach then).

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