2 More days to go

Just two more days to survive at the Labour camp. My Rucksack is packed, including my yoga mat, I am aching to escape.

Practice has been hit and miss since Saturdays practice at TLC, Sunday was like a normal Monday, in that it was stiff and a struggle, not helped by interuptions from the Plumber. Monday nights was good, a half primary and full closing, tonight it was most of Primary and a dip into 2nd for the backbends, some of closing and Savasana, where I managed to drift off and dream I was flying over Mysore on my way to Australia looking down from 30,000 on people doing sun salutations. Mysore seems to be entering my thought process at every conscious and unconscious level, now that I have acknowledged to myself and others my plan to go.

I think that’s going to be the sum total of this weeks practice unless I miraculously manage to wake up, my next practice will be in Brisbane on Sunday. Like most of the country I will be engrossed in England’s world cup match against Croatia tomorrow night and on my way the Easyhutch on Thursday night, there’s certainly no room in that tiny room to vinyasa!


2 Responses to “2 More days to go”

  1. Maria Says:

    hey!! Have a wonderful trip. Plus I hope the mysore dream works out too 🙂
    I’m nursing a sprained ankle at the mo so practise is in hiatus…. uuuhhhh so frustrating. Just when things were finally starting to move from the plateau I’ve been on for so long!! After yoga practise yesterday morning on way to “the labour camp” mid conversation with another yoga student, bang. tripped in a friggin crack in the pavement. right over my ankle TG i was wearing trainers, usually its flip flops!!
    So enjoy all your practises in the sun, just two more sleeps til you’re on your way!! keep the blog going, make us all jealous!! Peace. safe trip. M

  2. globie Says:

    Hi Maria,

    That’s really unlucky hurting your ankle, I hope you heal quickly and jump back onto your mat and off that plateau. I’d complain to your Council about the pavement.

    I’ll certainly blog when I’m downunder, though its going to be a case of finding internet cafe’s etc, I’ll try to not make you all too jealous 🙂 To be honest I can’t wait to just have a break from the “labour camp” and the flooding at home.

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