Last day

Last day at the Labour camp, then home to eat and head for the EasyHotel. Australia here we come at last, its been a long time coming and am I ready for a holiday.

Though today my colleague called in sick still, he’s been off 3 days so far and is going to be off for a while it seems, which meant the Management asking me, hypothetically of course, what it would take for me to cancel my holiday and get them out of the shit. Yes this is the same Company who are world leaders in disincentivising their staff, almost begging, much as I love to see them beg no amount without a serious amount of zero’s on the end would be enough to make me come in here at 8.30am tomorrow morning as opposed to checking in at Heathrow.

Next blog will be from Brisbane I hope


5 Responses to “Last day”

  1. Ursula Says:

    Happy travelling, Australia is great.

  2. Wayne Says:

    Safe travels – you’ve more than earned it!

  3. Grimmly Says:

    have a great flight, hope the movies are good and the food hot.

  4. Kevin Says:

    Thanks guys,

  5. Alin Says:

    Wow. That’s some serious balls asking you to cancel your holiday. Doesn’t sound like they’re the sort to link “treat employees well” with “employees going above and beyond”.


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