Brisbane – I am here at last

It was a very long 24 hours of traveling, via Kuala Lumpur, then Sydney before finally arriving in Brisbane at 10pm Saturday night. Fantastically fast Immigration and Customs, puts that crap hole of Heathrow to shame, I was out of the airport in 20 minutes and on the bus to my hotel. Hotel is in the city, walking distance from most things and as an added bonus I found tea bags and milk plus a Kettle in the room. One of those nights sleep, after dozing on planes and a body clock which has lost the plot completely I slept until 4am, was then wide awake and thinking I’ll easily make the 9.30am practice at Yoga Den, then I must have nodded off again and it was 9.10am! Ooops so no yoga today,well apart from in my room later.

It’s glorious sunshine, so nice to wander in shorts and t-shirt, down to the Brisbane Eye, observation wheel, which the locals think is big, but its nowhere near the size of the one in London, but it was fun sharing my Pod with 2 Indian guys, who noticed my Om Pendant. I chilled out in the Botanic Gardens watching the traffic on the river from a shady bench. I am trying not to do too much, I know its going to catch up with me and I need my energy for climbing The Story Bridge tomorrow.

2 Responses to “Brisbane – I am here at last”

  1. Pat Says:

    Wow, glad you made it okay. You really are on the other side of the world now. I hope the weather stays nice and I know you will like the yoga. We’re thinking about you from back here. Enjoy!

  2. globie Says:

    Yes I am about as far away as its possible to be, without being on the way back. Practice will be fun, its just nice waking up to a day I want to take part in.

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