Walking over the bridge

Yesterday was fun! I took the City Cat ferry across the Brisbane River to Holman street and walked down to The Story Bridge Adventure Climb. The Story bridge is one of only 3 bridge climbs in the world. And a bonus as there were only 4 of us doing the climb. You start off signing a disclaimer, before being breathalysed and fitted into your grey and blue one piece suit, which helps you blend in and not distract the drivers below and also identifies you as someone who has permission to be up there. You then get fitted with a hat and glasses bungee before finally being metal detected to check you are not carrying anything that could drop and also because the company take the photos which you have the option to buy afterwards. Anyway you walk over 1400 steps, starting under the bridge, clipped to a safety rail, so its very safe and extremely well organised. You walk up and over the first high part and down into the middle, cross over and come back down the other side. The views are fantastic, all the way north to the Sunshine coast, west to the airport and the sea, as well as great views of Brisbane itself. The information spiel is interesting and you can ask anything you want as you go along. The time went so fast, 2 hours just flew by, it was a great thing to do, cant believe I only found out about it by chance, but I would certainly recommend it.

Well after that and some lunch, I had an afternoon chilling in the park, reading my book and just relaxing, I’m on vacation after all.

Last night I went to Yoga Den in the city’s west end to do practice with Kate Pell. Its a nice space above a Persian carpet shop. It was a very easy class, but just what I needed, I was quite surprised to have head to knees in Uttanasana after hardly having practised in a week. Lots of nice twists, forward bends and generous use of blosters and blocks, something I am very unused to, but it was a nice practice.

On the way home I went via South Bank Parklands, the observation wheel looks spectactular at night, lit up in pink and orange/red lights.

Well I am blogging this at 7.30am after another night of jet lag interupted sleep, I woke at 4.30, nodded off then got woken by the refuse collectors at 5.45am at which point I gave up. I am off to Noosa later today, I was last there in 1997, I loved it then, I hope I love it still.


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