Paddling in Urban Calm

Quite a long bus ride from Brisbane to Noosa, saw some fires still burning near Maroochydore, ummm

Well Noosa has changed quite a lot in the last 13 years, but its still a beautiful spot, lovely sandy beaches, Hastings Street with its Cafe’s and shops, though I am staying in Noosaville, which turned out to be a 40 minute hike to town. I went for a paddle in the sea, though was surprised at how chilly the water was. The beach is pristine clean, such  a pleasure to walk along a beach without being hassled by people trying to sell you stuff.

By chance I found Urban Calm  a little oasis of tranquility, 10 minutes walk from where I am staying, it has water playing in the garden and a zen like simplicity, not ashtanga but some Vinyasa flow classes, so I went along to Kara’s class. Just 4 students, but a really nice class moving through sun salutations into postures, some were fun like binding in Parsvakonasana, have not done that in ages. Only 4 people but a range of ability, Kara took us into a posture, then those of us who were comfortable went a stage further and maybe another, found quite a few where I was the only one left standing as it were, but it was challenging and enjoyable and will hopefully keep me open ready for Byron Bay and full primary with Dena on Sunday. The class was supposed to be 75 minutes, but turned out to be nearly 100 with a wonderfully relaxing Savasana. I drifted off. I plan to go and practice there again at least once more, Kara was really good, working each student to their own ability and I read after she is a therapist, which is why her adjustments were like Cary’s, very intuitive and a feeling of being safe.

The practice did the trick with my body clock, I actually had a whole nights sleep last night, wonderful.

Today I went to Eumundi Market, it was fun, lots of clothes, jewellery and that kind of stuff, also massage, so I had 20 minutes, nice for my shoulders after lugging bags round airports and bus stations this last week.


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