Glass, Ginger, nuts, Chocolate & Dropbacks

Thanks for all the congratulatory comments on the birth of dropback Noosa, I’m glad it made you as happy as it did me, though was surprised Cary thought my backbends were ok, they always seem a struggle, especially doing practice next to Kristen and Susan who make it look so effortless on a Sunday morning. I really should stop comparing my practice to others.

Yes its been a busy day. I did a tour I booked before I left home, which turned out far better than expected. First stop was Yandina Glass where we watched an expert making some fantastic stuff from molten glass. Followed by going to the Ginger factory which is touristy, yes AC I remembered to get your Gingerbread man complete with smartie buttons! A quick look round the macademia nut factory, some free samples, but not much to see, then to a fantastic Chocolatier in Eumundi. Hand made chocolates to die for, they have a tonne of Belgian chocolate delivered every week which they melt and process into exquisite shapes and tastes, though I would quite happily have gnawed my way through the 5kg basic white chocolate slab before it got anywhere near being processed!

This afternoon was another spent paddling in the sea, wandering, watching the surfers and finding a quiet soft sandy spot to practice my dropbacks. I thought they would be better today having conquered the initial fear problem, but alas the first few my head hit the sand, eventually I managed to land one, then another, but my shoulders are aching now, also I think I need a teachers input again as I have a feeling I am landing with my hands too wide apart, which is straining my shoulders. At least if I do them every day on the beach I hope to learn some control, to explore nearer to the edge of no return without the fear of bashing my head if I go too far. My prefered beach technique is to start with my hands on my hips, pushing them forward as I go back, moving the hands to prayer as I near the balance point, stay there for a few breaths to try and learn some control, then trying to judge when to stick my arms overhead and go for it, sometimes it works!

My backdrops did inspire me to visit Urban Calm again this evening for Vanessa’s Vinyasa flow class, which was another nice practice, she has studied with Louisa Sear and used quite a few of the ashtanga postures, starting simply with each pose then extending into the final asana for those who were able.

Koala hunting tomorrow in the National Park!


10 Responses to “Glass, Ginger, nuts, Chocolate & Dropbacks”

  1. AC Says:

    Oh gosh, gingerbread man with smartie buttons – how can I possibly devour the fella?!

    Continue enjoying the soft sand to practice the dropbacks, what a luxury.


  2. Helen Says:

    Fantastic, is the beach busy, I have a funny image in my head of people out for their morning walk as you work on your drop backs. Great place to learn though. I’m wondering if you take your arms back before you drop. You may already be doing this so forgive me if you have been doing it for months. When you take the arms back you have to move the pelvis forward to counter the weight and then drop back, keeping arms extended = no head banging! Have fun, is Dena next week?

  3. susananda Says:

    Ah, sounds truly idyllic….

    Helen’s right, it must look funny, as in ‘why is that guy dropping himself on his head? Haha….

    It can’t be said too often, STRAIGHT ARMS!!!

    I also do my first one every day exactly as you say, hips forward, then hands at the chest, then find the right moment/spot to extend them over. I use my thumbs at the base of the sacrum to really get the tip of the tailbone, not just the hips, forwards before taking the hands to prayer. Mula bandha helps with that too of course.

    I don’t know if Kristin reads here, but I’m going to pass on your comment, as I’m sure she’ll be amused she makes it look so easy, she still keeps landing on her knees when she stands up! oooh, I really want her to crack it!!

    In other news, AC gave me some lovely homemade carrot muffins today. Thanks AC! They were delicious, nice and moist too 🙂

  4. Globie Says:

    Hi Helen, I try to find a quite spot at the back of the beach, though was conscious of someone watching the other day, the beach is quieter later in the afternoon. The sand seems to get everywhere!

    I dont think I am straightening my arms early enough, ie the elbows are not locked when I hit the ground (should they be?) when I take them back its like a signal to go, that I am passing the point of no return, while I am at the prayer position I still have an element of control.

    The real mental difference is not just the fear factor, but knowing I am having to take responsibility, a teacher is not going to come, which I think has been good as I have obviously been very reliant, knowing/hoping that a teacher will save my head.

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  6. susananda Says:

    I don’t know about locking the elbows, don’t really like ‘locked’ joints, but….. I had to think of reaching really into my HANDS for the ground, then my arms came straighter….. yeah, see if that helps, reach into your hands….

  7. globie Says:

    Thanks Susan I will give that a go.

    I did dropbacks on Alexandria beach today, I suddenly realised 2 things, firstly a couple had watched me and 2nd they were naked, didnt know it was a bloody local unofficial nudist beach! I found a quiet cove further on, just me, the sand and the waves, idyllic, 2 dropbacks, though front of my shoulders/upper arms start objecting after too many attempts.

  8. Helen Says:

    Gosh, that’s really obscure, drop backs on a nudist beach, lol! You said “when I take them back its like a signal to go, that I am passing the point of no return” . For me learning to control this part is what enabled me to loose both fear of and reality of landing on my head. When you take your arms back you are taking more weight back so need to counter it so that you still have contol so bring hips forward at the same time. So I have already extended my arms before I drop, hope this makes sense.

  9. Alin Says:

    Are you literally hunting Koalas or just looking at them?

    In the US hunting means killing. Just wanted to check….

  10. globie Says:

    No dont panic Alin, nobody would hunt those lovely cuddly creatures, just looking for them and amazingly finding one hanging out in a tree.

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