In Byron Bay at last

As I alluded to in a comment on yesterday’s entry I did my dropback experiments on Noosa’s Alexandria beach, while following one of the walking trails in the National Park. I felt someone was watching me as I played around, but when I pushed myself up I saw a couple watching, who were both completely nude, Dont know which of us was more of a spectacle, only later did I found out that Alexandria is the unofficial local nudist beach, brings a whole new meaning to Moon day! Later I found a quiet cove to experiment with some harder sand, though my shoulders seem to have a 5 landings a day limit before they object. The National Park was great, the walking trails are well marked and I was lucky enough to see a Koala hanging out in the “V” of a tree and a big Lizard.

Today has been a long day, getting a bus into Brisbane and then another down the coast to Byron Bay, it was wonderful to see the Lighthouse as we came into town, but what a result when I got to the backpackers place and checked in, I knew I had booked a single room with shared facilities, so that’s what I was expecting when I got to the first floor, but oh no I had been given a free upgrade, I have ended up with probably the best room I have stayed in for years, massive bed, TV, Fridge, en-suite shower, all to myself.

So now I better go find some dinner, tomorrow its off to practice with Dena, proper yoga again! I wonder what my dropback will be like in that environment, with luck and thanks to helen and Susan for their comments about hands and weight distribution I may just do it, here’s hoping.

Later.. I ended up walking to Dena’s Shala to find out where it was and how long it would take, only a 20 minute walk, tucked down the bottom of a cul-de-sac and what do you know I ran into Sam on his way out. Had a look through the window, its somehow different to what I had imagined, but its looks great, a place condusive to practice, 7am tomorrow here we go.


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