Dena’s Shala practice

I was made most welcome, an e-mail from Dena last night which said simply “Welcome home” and a few faces I knew from my trips to Bali with her. I had this mental impression of what her Shala would be like, they were so wrong, its a lovely wooden floored room with pictures of Guruji decortaing the walls.

Dena led us through standing, after a little pranayama and chanting, then it was on our own. Considering i havnt done a proper practice in nearly 2 weeks it was surprisingly good, binding both sides of Mari D and lifting out of Supta K with my feet crossed. Though she had me do Supta Konasana 3 times until I managed to keep hold of my toes.

Urdva Dhanurasana was hard work and she didnt let me dropback on my own, though took me down 5 times. I dont know why but I just didnt seem to have the flexibility in my back despite a hot sweaty practice that I have had some days on the beach, dont know if it was being on a hard floor, or just knowing that intervention would arrive, taking away the responsibility.

But I have to say it felt so good to practice with Dena in her Shala, that feeling of just knowing you are in the right place at the right time. “Welcome Home” was right.

Susi P gave me a lift back to town, where I booked a Whale watching trip for tomorrow, apparently the Whales are migrating north and south, so the chances of seeing them are greatly increased for the next 3 weeks, just hope my luck is in, though I am slightly nervous as I am currently reading “The Swarm”!


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