The sound of change

We began practice as usual standing in Samasthitihi, but before we chanted Dena asked us to think about why we practice, why we try and tie our body’s in knots. Before my brain could come up with the true answer of I just love doing practice and it brings me some unquantifiable joy into my life we began to chant. Dena then again lead us through standing, she must have a massive mental Library of things to say, today we moved with the fluidity of honey, a nice thought. I again had a good practice, some nice assisists from Dena and Susi, left alone in Marichyasana D to bind both sides on my own after a bit of wriggling. Urdva Dhanurasana was better today, I had the strength to walk my hands in a little to deepen the bend. I then had five minutes of standing playtime, leaning and semi dropping back, alas I had a window behind me, so no chance of wall walking. Dena then did 5 assisted dropbacks with me, today getting me to keep the legs straight for as long as possible, she stood on my feet, inhale up, exhale back, but she slowed down my going back so that I ran out of air and made a strange noise as I headed for the floor, but landed nearer my feet in a much deeper bend, she said the noise I made “was the sound of change in my body”, makes a change from giving birth I suppose.  Although I struggled for breath, its feeling less alien, doing it on the beach is one thing, at the Shala is something else.

I was lovely to run into Gabrielle at the Shala who was in Bali with us last year today, I knew I had seen her somewhere before, the ashtanga world is small.


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