I saw Whales!

Well what a good day, I woke up early and decided to see if the sun would rise again today after yesterdays dust storm. There was no breeze, the sea was flat calm as the sun came up over the Byron Bay Lighhouse, a great start to a beautiful morning.  Practice was the best one by a mile so far, I think a combination of Flo’s treatment and my body opening up and being with the practice, rather than forcing its way through, being used to it again. It just felt expanded somehow, poses like the Janu’s were elongated and the hamstring stretched instead of straining. Left alone in standing, even though we were on our own after the Surya’s. Dena stopped me cranking my neck up in the Updog’s, she said its straining my neck, better to try and stretch the heart forward and spread between the breatbone and shoulder. She also said that my arm going round my knee in the Marichyasanas needs to be lower to give my shoulders room to relax. Better UD’s today and much better dropbacks with Dena taking me down 5 times. She discovered that although I think I have run out of breath about 2 thirds of the way down, that in fact I hold my breath after this point because of the intensity of the backbend. I told her I’m male, I cant multi task, I either breath or bend! A really good practice, hope tomorrows is as good, my last one in Byron. I even managed 3 dropbacks on my own on the beach again this afternoon. I took some photos in the shala, but I just realised the lens had steamed up, authentic yoga shala shots!

So I got to the whale place office to check my Noon trip was on, the guy asked if I wanted to go there and then at 9.30am, I had everything with me so said yep! So Breakfast was a Mars Bar, instead of the toast and stuff I had waiting in the fridge! Only 5 on the trip and we were getting worried after 2 hours we had seen one spout a couple of kilometeres away, though we also saw LoggerHead Turtles and Dolphins, then suddenly they got a tip off over the radio and the boat guy hit the throttle and headed north where a pod had been spotted. We were in luck, they are awesome creatures, even though we stayed about 500 metres away from them we saw them spout, breach and crash a big white and black tail fin into the water, then submerge for 5 minutes or so before repeating the performance. It was a fantastic sight on the last proper day here and something I will never forget, in2 days I have seen natures power with the dust storm and those creatures.

The afternoon spent wandering, dropping back on the beach and realising my legs are sunburned!

Last day with Dena tomorrow, I would love to come and do a few months with her, Mysore or Byron bay, that’s going to be a hard one!


4 Responses to “I saw Whales!”

  1. Kai Says:

    Sounds like you’re having such a great holiday! Whales are beautiful creatures – I grew up on the water as a kid and even with seeing them often, they never failed to amaze. Enjoy your last day at the shala. Good luck with the drop backs (wouldn’t *that* be a terrific tip to bring home with you!)

  2. arturo Says:

    hi Kevin
    awsome. i’m so glad you got to see something you wanted to see so earnestly. also, because the reports on the dust storms made it to the news here, so it looked pretty dismal over there in Australia.

    if it’s a subject that you’re really interested in, my sister in law
    goes kayaking with the whales in Canada. she also goes to a hacienda in Argentina that has giant ones coming very near the beach. her photos are amazing. the one in Argentina is called Hacienda Ernestina. enjoy your last day.

  3. Wayne Says:

    “I told her I’m male, I cant multi task, I either breath or bend!” – too funny! Glad you are enjoying holiday – sounds brilliant there!

  4. Globie Says:

    It was fantastic, I wont forget seeing those Whales.

    Kai we did lead primary today, so no dropbacks, but at least I seem to be getting there,but not quite. Just practising with Dena is wonderful, there cannot be many places so condusive to doing practice.

    Wayne, she laughed too, apparentky Sam made the same comment to her a while back 🙂

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