6am yoga

I found myself awake again at 6am this morning so rolled the 6 inches out of bed onto my mat. Much stiffer today, I almost gave up at the Surya’s, managing 4 x A’s and a couple of B’s before doing the standing postures, though spending longer in Padahastasana released my hamstrings a little, it was a very slow practice spending far longer in the forward bends. I managed up to Mari A, then again surprised myself by managing to lift up into a couple of not brilliant Urdva Dhanurasana’s.

The day seems to have a different feeling doing practice first thing, when the mind is not full of the days crap, Sarah commented about it the other day. Its sets a better tone for the day, though coming in here soon does its best to nullify that.

My yoga plans for the weekend will have to be amended, I had planned to practice at TLC on Saturday, as I will be in London anyway running the Travel Club, then go to AYL on Sunday, I really wanted to get back in the groove. But luckily I have an AYL Moon day chart stapled to my work calender in front of me and noticed its Moon Day on Sunday, so I will just have to turn over at 6.30am and go back to sleep!


8 Responses to “6am yoga”

  1. openingslowly Says:

    mmm sleep in on Sunday 🙂

  2. globie Says:

    Good job I checked, I would have been standing outside wondering where you all were!

  3. openingslowly Says:

    well make an early bird out of you yet…

  4. susananda Says:

    If you mentioned Sunday practice, I was going to remind you 🙂

  5. globie Says:

    Actually when I am in range of a Shala, like last week with Dena, I have no problem getting up for an early practice. Doing it at home is another matter!

  6. globie Says:

    Thanks Susan, AC thought Eunice was teaching at YP this Sunday.

    I see Sunday 18th is also a Moon day, tho I will be at the chokky Fair in Paris that day, at least I wont have to feel guilty about missing practice 🙂

  7. susananda Says:

    Oh…. there’s also one Sunday the shala will be shut, it might be between the moondays…. she’ll tell us again tomorrow at led.

  8. Globie Says:

    Hi Susan,

    If its next Sunday 11th let me know, as I planned to come to YP that day.

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