Conscious awareness

The other day when my body clock was not re-adjusted and I couldn’t sleep my mother said “all that yoga don’t you know how to relax and fall asleep?” She doesnt understand why I practice and to be honest I have given up trying to explain, so the concept of Savasana without falling asleep, being consciously aware, yet totally relaxed wasn’t something I was going to get in to. I realised as I got into the sun salutations this morning at TLC just how concentrated I was at that moment, consciously aware of my body and how my mind had shut up for a change. Having the awareness to engage Udiyana Bandha (Mulha bandha only seems to make fleeting appearances) and to have control of my breath. The standing sequence felt really strong and Philippa gave a wonderful Prasarita Padot B adjustment, rare to be adjusted there, she assisted with C as well. She also picked up on my propensity to twist in Parsvottanasana, its weird because I have no sense that I am twisting and that one hip is much higher.

She let me wriggle my own way into Marichyasana D before adjusting the twist, nice to still be able to do it an a relatively cooler environment than the hot aussie shala of the previous week. Supta K bound on my own before help thought about ariving, but glad to be left alone, spending far longer trying to flatten then lift. She did arrive just in time with Baddha Konasana, I had done the 5 breaths and was thinking about coming out, then felt the pressure and just went with it, doing it on my own first meant when the adjustment arrived I could go with it, no unwanted resistance.

Backbends were not great today, my upper back has lost some of its gains, though I did walk my hands in, I couldn’t stay there, consequently no dropbacks today, which was a shame, but I think they would have been a disappointment. But I really enjoyed my practice, taking the fully allotted 2 hours with a decent Savasana.

This afternoon has been far busier than intended, the travel club AGM and meeting, which I ended up running due to a colleague being ill. When I arrived we had to write the AGM and only finished it just in time, a lot of copying and pasting! I enjoy running the club, but it does take up a lot of time. Between that work and yoga I don’t seem to have much time for anything else these days.

Moon day tomorrow, I plan to finally catch up with sleeping, reading and my Spooks dvd’s


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