Better one

A better practice last night, mainly I think due to my mind wandering less. Also I think due to knowing that trains and the RMT permitting, I get to practice with Cary at YP on Sunday for the first time since the end of August.

Everything up to Navasana, with vinyasas between sides and postures, then as I was nice and warm I dipped into Kino’s limbers and the 2nd series backbends up to Laghu Vajrasana, then trying to walk my hands in during Urdva Dhanurasana. All of course just the warm up for my drop back experiments, walking down the door, going back and bouncing off the door, trying to see my mat without losing it and crashing back. The best attempts were when I tried dropping back on to my Futon bed, knowing it shouldn’t hurt if it went wrong. It proves how much its having confidence in the mind as I was able to go back much further with control and try and make my hands land before my head. Sunday at the Shala will be the test, I suspect Cary will be looking out for when I get to dropbacks! Rest of closing, though for some reason I couldn’t do Ardha Sirsasana. But at least it felt like a worthwhile practice and I ended up spending much longer on my mat than I intended, meaning my book isn’t getting read!

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