Made it!

Finally back to YP today, after being away in Australia and then these pesky Sunday Moon days it was good to return, though it took some effort to get there thanks to TFL closing the Central Line yet again. I ended up having to walk fast (7 min jog) from Whitechapel. I was well warmed up by the time I got there, only 10 minutes late, though jogging does nothing good for my hamstrings and the forward bends, it wasn’t until I was into the Surya B’s with Cary squashing me in down dog that they found any length again. The other problem with legging it to practice is that it takes a while to sort my breath out. I seemed to gasp my way through standing.

I was left alone in standing and most of the way through seated, though am pleased to say I bound Mari D on both sides after a wriggle and Supta K, though I didn’t feel like I was deep enough into it. Cary arrived for Baddha Konasana, it felt really good, no pain in the feet, head to floor, then she got me to lift my head and take my chin to the floor.

Backbends were hard work today, my arms had been struggling with the jump backs, so using them to push up took some mental concentration, after an initial up and down UD, I managed to do 3 where I walked my hands in and stayed up in Urdva Dhanurasana. I then played around leaning and hanging back until I was sent to the wall, for walking down the wall and more experiments. Eventually Cary told me to retake my place, I did a little more hanging, but as she seemed to have left the room I figured that was it and sat down to do Paschimottanasana.

Oh no you don’t escape that easily, a tap on the back and a waving finger told me to stand up for dropbacks. 3 x inhale up, exhale back, hang, inhale again, then exhale to the floor, though I don’t think I got the order right. Followed by cross arm half way with her telling me when to breathe, then 3 or 4 more dropbacks and walking the hands in and pushing into her hands that were pushing into my thighs, keeping breathing for the most part, I don’t think I made any “in labour” type noises! The strange thing was coming back up, I am not sure how much help she was giving me (Susan were you watching??) but it felt easier coming up, like I had some control, but I can’t say how much was me.

I had to do closing quite quickly as it was past 10am by the time she expertly squished me in Pashimottanasana, though she didn’t let me hang out with her doing the work on my back, telling me to engage the feet and where to place my thumbs, just when I thought I was getting a rest!

A nice practice, even if it felt a bit laboured at times. Good to see all the regulars again too Kristen, Susan, AC. After practice tea and croissants was nice too.


5 Responses to “Made it!”

  1. susananda Says:

    Just to say no I didn’t see! I just heard her telling you to go to max, inhale again and then go down. I take that extra breath sometimes too…. but it seems like you stop breathing and hold your breath at some point… so this is very good for you!

  2. Globie Says:

    I find it so intense when I get to “that” point, that its almost impossible to inhale again. I think partly this is because I have not exhaled fully, as the breath gets stuck when I reach the max intense point. I suppose the more I do it, hopefully I will relax more.

  3. Losing nerve « The Journey of my practice Says:

    […] less chance of me having any control. The breath is also an issue, as Susan mentioned in her comment my ujayi inhale is good, I exhale as I go down, but once I get to the maximum and most intense […]

  4. susananda Says:

    It’s very important to consciously exhale FULLY in UD and all BBs, because if not the inhale gets stuck in the expanded ribs and panic mode sets in.

  5. Globie Says:

    So I should really try and exhale it all by the time I get to that point of intensity. I know about panic mode, its a scary place!

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