Crashing + Burn!

Another decent practice last night helped by the fact that the sun had beamed into my upstairs all afternoon and warmed it up nicely. I got into a nice flow and completed standing and seated in 75mins, chucking the pie in the oven (forgot the chips doh…) before beginining closing.

Urdva Dhanurasana felt good, I managed to walk in on all of them, so hoped my dropback experiments would be better. Usual warm up using the wall, then put down the sofa cushions, first attempt was a disaster, second go my hands and head hit the cushion at the same time, but it niggled my shoulder. The problem is that when I try dropback with the wall behind me I have more confidence to go that bit further, knowing there is the get out of the wall if I go too far. When I do free standing ones I am nowhere near as close to the floor, so am dropping from further up if I do decide to go for it or suddenly realise I have no choice. The bend with the wall there is much much deeper.

I did the rest of closing, but had to curtail Savasana before the smouldering pie set off the smoke detector in the hall. So there you have it I crashed on backdrop and burned my dinner!


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