Sacro Ili ouch!

No yoga today , I woke up with a stiff shoulder from last nights dropback experiments and this evening I had my appointment with the Massage therapist. She asked where needed undoing, I replied my shoulders as usual and this annoying thing in the top of my pelvis, hip area. It didn’t take her long to have me wincing as her thumbs found the exact Sacro Iliac point of pain. She said she could feel where 2 muscles are tightening and are pinching the nerve, which is why I not only have discomfort in the local area, but also in the Piriformis (I admit I didn’t know where this actually was until she literally pointed it out – ouch!) and going down the back of my leg. She told me to tell her to stop if it got too painful, but I just told her go for it and tried to breathe through the pain her steel thumbs were administering. After she had finished and covered the area in Tiger Balm she told me I will probably feel a bit sore in the morning, she also recommended I get a small massage ball, which I can use at home, she described something slightly smaller than a tennis ball and quite firm that I could work into the pinch point. Now its loosened I need to try and keep working on it. If anyone knows where to get one of these balls in the UK, please send a link.

A good start to my holiday weekend, probably a good job to have an enforced break from practice too. Paris here we come!


One Response to “Sacro Ili ouch!”

  1. susananda Says:

    I just use a tennis ball when the piriformis acts up. If it’s too intense on the floor, do it on the bed so it sinks in a bit.

    Bon weekend!

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