Just for V.

Piles of chocolate

Piles of chocolate

Here’s a photo for Vanessa and all seriously chocoholic yogis!
There were mini mountains of the most deliciously moorish chocolate I have ever seen, we spent hours wandering around tasting and sampling. A real shame U. was not able to help us eat it all, but we did our best. MySister did seem to like repassing a couple of specific stands I noticed, but then again I cant talk, as I sit at home blogging with an enormous bag of white chocolate buttons, yummy.
My sisters first trip to Paris, we also took in The Eiffel Tower, OMG was that cold up there, The Mona Lisa, Sacre Coeur, Montmartre, Louvre glass Pyrmaid, Notre Dam, Bateaux Mouche boat trip with the population of Tokyo.
What a great way to spend a Moon day weekend.
Moulin Rouge

Moulin Rouge


3 Responses to “Just for V.”

  1. arturo Says:

    hi Kevin
    Ooo Laa, i gain weight just looking at the picture. i would have gained 5 pounds at that fest.

  2. V Says:

    OMG – chocolate heaven!

  3. susananda Says:

    Beautiful weather! I love traipsing all across Paris by foot… sounds like you took in a lot besides the chocolate.

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