Wired at night

A long full primary last night. My hamstrings still need to find their length, though I did manage UHP. I seemed to have more energy and focus last night too, quite often at home I seem to lose the momentum once I sit for seated. My hips are still really tight, I can feel this in Baddha Konasana, where I can usually easily get my knees to the floor, even if my head doesn’t quite get there without an adjustment. The tight hips meant twisting in Marichyasana D, but not going for the bind, I have learned not to annoy my knees when my hips are not open.

Backbends were better, walking in, though the dropbacks have gone off. Sunday at YP will be interesting. Last night I tried not to worry about how far I got in backbend, but more about the inhale and tyring to exhale and keep exhaling back, so that the posture was less juddery.

Ended up being a long practice ending at 9.15pm. I used to be nicely tired doing practice in the evenings, but for some reason now it leaves me high, wired and very awake. I knew going to bed would be pointless, so watched a DVD and ate some of the lovely white Belgian chocolate. By the time the DVD finished my Sciatic, Piriformis niggle had come back, thank god for Tiger Balm and a stress ball, though the ball isn’t really firm enough. I’ll have to walk past the posh schools tennis courts over the weekend and see what I can find 😉

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