Hands in prayer or stretched debate.

After running out of time at the first Urdva Dhanurasana last night (Dinner was ready), I decided this afternoon to do standing, a few forward bends and then go to Pasasana and all those fun 2nd series backbends I don’t get to do at the Shala . How the hell I managed to spend over 90 minutes doing this I still havn’t worked out. It was a nice practice, it felt less pressured, spending longer in the forward bends coaxing my hamstrings back out of hibernation.

MUCH better backbends today, 3 x UD walking in and pushing up, then the usual dropback experiments, walking down the door, cross arms, then trying to drop as far as I could, though the floor still seems much further away than it did on Noosa beach. I have this theory that as Australia is the other way up, the ground must be nearer! I noticed today that when I start off with hands in prayer, inhale and try and make my croquet hoop, exhale and go back and then compare it with starting with the hands stretched up, that when the hands are stretched  I am able to induce a much deeper bend in the upper back, as if I am giving my back more space to work in, of course the downside of this is that it is much harder to control going back with the extra weight and momentum of the arms and hands, but I was getting a good 6 inches lower down the door. See what happens at the Shala in the morning.

I overslept today, I woke with a start in the middle of a dream where I was in Hospital and the Nurses wouldn’t give me a Croissant for breakfast!

5 Responses to “Hands in prayer or stretched debate.”

  1. arturo Says:

    hi Kevin
    i can spend 90 mins to an hour and only do half of one series. it must be an Iyengarish thing.

  2. Floss Says:

    I practise in Australia and believe me, the ground is definitely not nearer !

    I was taught with arms stretched up. I think I’d be too scared to do hands in prayer, not sure I will have my hands down quick enough to stop my head hitting the ground !

    BTW I read on Matthew Sweeny’s site that practising second series can give you strange dreams. Something to do with the subtle body apparently.

    Cheers, Floss

  3. globie Says:

    Hi Arturo, I can understand the time going when I faff around, but I was doingquite a steady practice.

    Hi Floss, So that theory is blown then, back to the drawing board. Funny about the dreams though.

  4. Pat Says:

    I do a lot of faffing about but there are also many days when this old body really, really needs those extra breaths to release in a posture. I recall going to an Intermeidate series class on a Friday night ages ago then having a very strange dream during Savasana, more like a vision since I know I wasn’t asleep at the time. I think there is something to the sbutle body thing. Problem is that I still have much to do in the gross body…..

  5. globie Says:

    Hi Pat,
    Having the massage day off, then 3 days in Paris really seemed to put my practice back, its taken a lot of hanging out in postures to get the length back in the muscles and feel like I have the movement back, though Cristina did a good job on the sciatic-piriformis thing which has helped.

    The more practice I do, the more there seems to be, subtle isnt a description of my practice, hopefully tonights dream will be doing a backdrop or more likely these delicious chocolate buttons I have lined up on the top of my keyboard!

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