Tennis ball & Tiger balm

After Monday nights abortive practice, when the phone kept ringing, last night I had a nice uninterupted half Primary, plus backbends. Its funny how practice can renew the body’s energy. When I got home from the Labour camp I could quite happily have crashed out and slept, except for the fact that my favourite dinner was in the oven.

The longer practice went the more energy I seemed to have, even managing to jump back on all the vinyasas. Is it in my mind or do the vinyasas actually give impetus, heat and energy to the practice, on days when I perceive that I am short of time I leave some of the vinyasas out, thinking it saves time, but then I find I don’t keep the heat in my practice. Last night I seemed to have a nice flow and I got through the asanas quite quickly. Backbends were not great, but I can walk in on my UD’s now, which is taking some of the strain out of my shoulders by having the hands further forward.

Susan’s tennis ball suggestion for the Piriformis and Sciatic problem is working out. I have taken to using the ball for the first 5 minutes of Savasana, almost managing to induce as much pain as Cristina does with her steel thumbs. If I can find that point, then at first its almost agony, but then I find I am relaxing and last night I even had the sensation of something plopping and releasing, sending a tingle down the back of my leg. I then have a proper Savasana, before putting a little of that magic Tiger Balm on that painful point before I go to bed. Its great, I now get to sleep without it waking me up at 2am.


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