Ta Da! The video- 2009 Year of the drop back.

Last night I tried all the suggestions, reverse prayer, chairs, Susan’s hands cradling the head, which was far more intense than I expected, I almost did it, every day the blogosphere and my mind seemed to be taking me ever nearer.

So Saturday morning I get home from shopping and start doing backbends while I wait for the kettle, ending up doing all the ones I enjoy Ustrasana, Laghu Vajrasana, Kino thigh stretch backbends, some proper Urdva Dhanurasanas. Then its time, I can’t put it off, I dont waste time going to the wall, I put down a cushion and inhale, exhale go back, see the floor, but gravity speeds things up too much and I just about save myself. Stand up try again, sloowly going back, remembering Dena’s advice of trying to almost aim my hands at my feet, the floor appears and I go for it, hands on floor, head lands on cushion at the same time. But at least it felt like I had some control. Stand up, replace cushion with a small folded up blanket. At least videoing it, I can see how near I am getting.

Delete file, press record, try again, exhale going back for as long as I can, trying to increase the bend in the upper back so I can see the floor, floor is there, hands out, ready for touchdown, yeeeeeeeees, I land on my hands without my head touching the blanket, as Dolores O’Riordans, The Journey plays in the background. Follow the link below, to see the one file that didn’t get deleted and never will!

The only slight problem is my right knee, which is a bit painful at the minute, from trying to stop the foot splaying out, I now need your suggestions, exercises etc as to how to keep my feet in place and not annoy my knee. Dare I do it at the Shala tomorrow?

Ta Da!



18 Responses to “Ta Da! The video- 2009 Year of the drop back.”

  1. Ursula Says:

    I must smile. Now you got it. It’s nice, isn’t it. Enjoy.

  2. susananda Says:

    Now tomorrow at the shala 🙂

  3. AC Says:

    Congratulations. Shame I won’t be able to witness in person tomorrow BUT next wk!

  4. Portside Says:


  5. globie Says:

    Makes me nervous thinking about doing it in Cary’s presence!

  6. Grimmly Says:

    Nice job, really envious of your hang back. Good luck tomorrow.

  7. V Says:

    Told you so 😀

  8. Melanie Says:

    AMAZING! You did it! Congratulations!

  9. openingslowly Says:

    YAY – number one!

  10. gumbomum Says:

    Awesome! I especially like the little cheer at the end!

  11. Kai Says:

    I *knew* you could do it! That’s fabulous 😀

  12. Lisa Says:

    Wow! Well done! Did you want to tell random people down the shops?:)

  13. globie Says:

    Can just imagine that, running along our local high street yelling “I done a dropback”.

  14. lew Says:

    Bravo! Well done! Now, shoot it in at the shala before teacher comes over.

  15. Claudia Says:

    Congratulations!!!! yeahhhh!!!!

  16. 9 Things I learned about back-bending in 2010 | Claudia Yoga Says:

    […] it makes the eyes look for it, rather than the floor.  Many conversations with Nobel, Shanna, Kevin, Boodiba, Grimmly et all, helped me to see this in a different light.  So no more wall or […]

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